10 Things You Should Never Give Up To Be Happy

Happiness is important. But what kind of happiness asks that you first give up things you love to enjoy it? Let’s take a look at 10 things you should never give up to be happy.

For many, pursuing happiness is a life-goal. Who wouldn’t want to be happy? According to mostly everyone, once you’re happy, everything else in your life falls into place. You can start to appreciate the small things, such as morning walks in the woods or lying in bed until 9am each day.

But what if you’ve already given these things up on your quest for happiness?

To be happy, there are of course certain things you should give up. You should give up your past if it’s troubling you. You should give up any need you have for control, as it may be preventing you from taking the risks necessary for happiness.

But there are also things you should never give up. These are often small things that makes life so precious, but which often get forgotten about as we chase big dreams. Let’s take a look at ten of them.

Never Give Up Doing Things That Freak You Out

In the pursuit of success and happiness, people tell us that we need to take more risks. They tell us that we should throw caution to the wind and, if possible, do something each day that scares us.

But what if you become happy and decide that you no longer need to do something each day which scares you?

At this point, you could start to stagnate and lose sight of what made you so happy in the first place. You may lose that sense of dare, and the thrill of doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Remember that happiness, like success, is more of a journey than an end goal. We take pleasure from the journey and the experiences we have along the way. We learn things as we go, we keep growing and trying new things.

Once we stop, we lose sight of the journey. We lose sight of what was making us feel so happy in the first place.

Never Give Up Dreaming

People say that they’ve decided to stop trying so hard and to just accept their limitations and be content and happy with who they are and what they’ve got.

This is okay. But it’s a belief that doesn’t work for everyone.

Even as you achieve a dream, you should start work on another. Otherwise, you’ll forget what it’s like to have a dream. And what is happiness without a dream?

Never Give Up Making A Mistake

There will be times when you stumble, and perhaps in the past you’ve always associated making mistakes with pain, and therefore unhappiness.

But if you get scared of making mistake ever again, you’ll get scared of trying.

Be prepared for mistakes. Fail fast, learn your lessons and move on. Only those who want something from life are willing to make mistakes. It’s a price we pay on the road to happiness.

Never Give Up Helping Others

“Practice kindness everyday to everyone and you will realise that you’re already in Heaven now.”

     – Jack Kerouac

When you help other people, you emit positive energy. And that positive energy radiates and encircles you both. The other person feels great, and so do you. They absorb your positive energy, and as they smile you absorb their positive energy. Just like they take a bite out of your happiness pie, you take a bite out of theirs.

For this reason, it’s important that you never stop helping other people. Yes, you have goals of your own. But contributing and helping others is an important value that can enrich your own life.

Without a degree of selflessness, your life might ultimately feel empty no matter how many personal goals you cross off. Always put some time aside for other people. Helping them also helps yourself.

Never Give Up Investing In Yourself

Ask any successful person what they think you should invest in more than anything, and they’ll say that you should invest in yourself.

YOU come first. Enrich your mind with knowledge. Nourish your body with healthy food. You are more important than anything right now. Keep your eye on your goals, but never give up investing in yourself.

Never Give Up Speaking Your Mind

Do we have to resist from speaking our minds to be happy? Absolutely not.

Happiness comes from within, and it’s true that it thrives in a peaceful atmosphere. But speaking your mind doesn’t mean you have to keep tackling conflict head on.

Speaking your mind simply means establishing your boundaries. It lets people know what you will and will not tolerate.

If you don’t speak up, you might find that you lose your happiness as people convince you to do things you don’t really want to do.

Never Give Up Asking Others For Assistance

To be happy, we need a degree of autonomy. We need a degree of independence. However, this doesn’t mean that we should stop asking other people for assistance.

Reaching out for help is NOT a sign of weakness. It’s actually a sensible way of ensuring that you achieve your goals quicker than you would have done had you not asked for help.

Don’t be afraid to get other people onboard with your dreams.

Never Give Up Your Friends

A friend is there for life. As you pursue your dreams and all the happiness that comes with it, never forget your friends.

Never Give Up Having Fun

One of the things that gets forgotten about as we get older is our need as human beings to have fun. This need is not strictly limited to children. Adults need to let their hair down, too. And if they don’t, they can get seriously grumpy!

Never lose sight of your innate playfulness. Feed it a few times a week. Otherwise, life is going to look very sombre indeed.

Never Give Up Smiling

Do you smile too much?

Nobody smiles too much. We all smile too little. Keep smiling. Never let it go. The moment you lose your big grin is the moment life seems like a sadder place.

Stay happy!

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