How To Become Happier? 10 Things You Definitely Need To Give Up To Become Truly Happy

We all want happiness. One of the reasons some of us aren’t entirely happy is because we’re unwilling to give things up.

I mean, give things up? Isn’t giving something up what makes us unhappy? So you’d think. The truth, though, is actually a little bit different.

See, the kind of things you need to give up are not tangible things, such as food, television, sports or even beer (thank goodness!). They’re intangible things, such as habits that are wrecking your chances of happiness. Let’s take a look.

1. Give Up Stress

Stress is just a big old meanie that makes us unhappy. Stress comes along all the time, often when you’re least expecting it. For example, you could be having a great day at work and it looks as though you’re going to be finishing early for once.

And then the printer jams.

Grrr. It now looks as though you’re going to be stuck in the office FOREVER. And uh-oh, here comes the stress!

To be happy, though, it’s high time that you stopped letting things bother you so much. Take a deep breath and accept things for what they are. If there are obstacles, find a way to rationally overcome them. And always remember that stress never helps, it just makes things much worse.

2. Give Up Bad Habits

Addiction is the bane of happiness. It sucks the life out of you, and feeding your addiction is always at the forefront of your mind. Your addiction comes before your family, your friends, your job, Facebook (unless Facebook is your addiction), and it even comes before happiness.

We suggest that you take a look at your habits and try to kick any bad ones. These could include smoking, procrastinating, swearing, or eating way too much junk food.

3. Give Up Your Fear Of Ageing

Unless you’re still young. In which case, embrace your youth. But if the sands of time have finally got the better of you, and you’re now sailing ever closer to forty, it’s time to accept that you’re no longer a sparkling youth of 21 who could turn heads on the dance floor with your funky moves.

Anyone who is greying but still holds a candle to their youth is going to be tormented by the fact that they’re just not young anymore. They’ll look through photos of an era gone and convince themselves they still look like that. But this just leads to unhappiness and a lot of pain when it finally hits them that they’re nearly fifty.

You need to learn to embrace the ageing process. And besides, getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. You just can’t have fun in a sweaty club with 18 year olds anymore. ‘Cause it’s a bit weird.

4. Give Up Regrets

Another tip on how to become happier is to give up your regrets. Frank Sinatra had a lot of regrets. He had “too many to mention.” But if you have too many regrets, it could also mean that you’re wracked with guilt. This also means that you find it hard to forgive yourself.

The last line in this equation is that you’re deeply unhappy. We say stop torturing yourself. Admit that you made mistakes, but move on. You can’t turn back the clock and undo what has been done, so get over it. You’ll be happier for it.

5. Give Up Listening To Strangers

If someone you don’t even know criticises you harshly, you should just brush their comments off. Don’t listen to them. And definitely don’t let their comments dictate your life, sending you spiralling into a depression that includes locked doors, repeats of Gossip Girl and jerked beef.

Opinions should be taken with a grain of salt. They don’t matter to you. All that matters is you and your own goals. Keep on the right path and don’t be knocked off it.

6. Give Up Trying To Please Everyone

Next tip on how to become happier is to give up trying to please everyone. Ever heard of the court jester? He made jokes at the court. He had to make people happy. Inwardly, he was an unhappy chap who couldn’t make himself happy. Because he was too busy trying to please everyone else. Poor guy.

The reality is that to be happy, you can’t live your life trying to please everyone else. You might have planned to work on your novel tonight but your friend is on the phone asking you to go round because they’re bored. Do you really want to please them at the expense of your own happiness? Too right you don’t!

7. How to become happier? Give Up Resentment

Okay, so you hate that girl at the office who always gets her work done before you. And okay, you hate Jimmy Kimmel because he’s better looking than you and smarter and wittier. We give you that one. And okay, you hate your big sister because she’s Miss Successful. We get it.

Now stop. Don’t give us any more names. Because you see what happens when you do? You go on and on and on and on and on about other people, but you forget to be happy yourself! So forget about hating on other mothers, and take care of your own life. Be happy not hateful!

8. Give Up Trying To Be The Best

Some of us wanted to be footballers but it didn’t happen. We accepted it and moved on. Others wanted to be pilots but that didn’t happen. They accepted it and moved on. And you know what? They grew to love their new jobs. Sure, they don’t earn as much as they might have done, and sure they’re not flying airplanes or playing in the World Cup, but they’re happy because they’ve learned to accept their limitations. They don’t have ideas above their stations anymore and they’re content. This needs to be you, yeah?

9. Give Up Making Excuses

“I could go out tonight but I’m just so tired.”

Ah, the classic excuse for staying in. Tiredness. And so, instead of having a great night out on the tiles with our buddies, we stay home in front of the television. Alone. With a goldfish for company.

Was that really worth the excuse? Nope! To be happy, you’ve got to stop coming up with excuses for things. Trade them in for actually getting out there and doing something. You want to learn a new language but you’re too old? What?! Come on!

10. Give Up Chasing Folk

If you’re the kind of person who seems to be constantly chasing down your friends to get them to hang out, it’s high time that you stopped doing that. Instead, be a free spirit and live life the way you want to live it – even if it means going solo!

How to become happier? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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