10 Things to do when you feel unhappy

Cheer up, it might never happen! People say the most unhelpful things, when they see that you are not happy and, although they are only trying to help, no number of people saying ‘Cheer up!’ will help. There are ways that you can beat the blues yourself though, and here are ten things for you to try the next time you are feeling unhappy:

1. Take the decision to be happy

You don’t really want to feel unhappy. It’s no fun! So take the conscious decision that you are going to stop. You’d take medicine if you were unwell, so take some steps that will stop you being unhappy, and read on!

2. Get some fresh air

Fresh air can do wonders for your mood, so get up, get dressed and go for a brisk walk. The exercise will release the ‘feel good’ hormones in your body and the fresh air will wake you up and make you feel more alert.

3. Play some happy clips on YouTube

Search out some daft clips on YouTube to cheer yourself up. It’s hard to be unhappy, when you are watching some of those cute clips of puppy dogs or, even better, who cannot raise a smile at some of the giggling toddler videos.

4. Plan some fun events

Start planning your next vacation or look for a place to visit for a weekend break, or just check out what’s coming up at the movies. Put some dates in your diary for upcoming fun events that you can look forward too.

5. Phone a friend

One sure fire way to be unhappy is to bottle things up and not talk to anyone. Pick up the phone and have a chat with a friend or a family member. You don’t even have to talk about what it is that is making you unhappy, and you may not want to, but just talking is a good way to lift the blues.

6. Don’t overanalyze problems

The problems don’t go away if you ignore them, but nor do they disappear if you keep on thinking about them. If you put your problems out of your head for a while, not only will you feel better, but, you’ll probably come up with a solution much faster.

7. Rearrange your home

Clear out the clutter and rearrange all your furniture. It will take your mind off things and make you feel like you are making a fresh start. It’s strange, but having a good clean up and reorganising your belongings really does make you feel much better.

8. Take a power nap

When your laptop gets slow and things start to go wrong the best solution is often to re-boot it. The same can work for you and being tired will only make things worse, so take a power nap for an hour or two and when you wake up it will feel just like starting the day anew.

9. Accept that there are some things that you can’t solve

You can’t fix everything in life and sometimes it is best to just accept a situation and let it go. Acceptance is an important part of some eastern philosophies, such as Buddhism, for example; Buddhists accept that not everything around them can be perfect and nor can they be perfect either, and that’s OK!

10. Take a look out the window

Sometimes the best way to cheer yourself up is to look beyond your own problems, to the wider world outside. Simply looking out your own window can help to bring things in perspective. Take a look; the sun in the sky, the kid on the bike, the wind blowing the leaves, there’s always something out there that will cheer you up, if you look.

What are other things that we can do, if we feel unhappy? Feel free to share your thoughts and motivation tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy and smile always!

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