10 Cosy things to do on rainy days

A few years ago, I used to hate rainy days. When the weather forecast said that we could expect days – weeks – of wet weather I would dread it, especially if it was the summer time. Rain would just put a dampener on all my outdoor plans; I couldn’t meet my friends for a drink in the beer garden, go for a swim in the lake, go cycling, or head out for a picnic. And if you listen to those who believe that the threat of climate change is very real, we can expect many wetter days ahead.

Once I started to accept that rainy days will happen, though, I stopped letting the wet weather spoil my plans, consigning me to a wasted day indoors. Instead, I began to use rainy days, not as an obstacle, but as a chance to try something different. So if you’re like me and are wondering what on earth you can do indoors on a day when rain has led you to cancel all your plans, let’s take a look at 10 cosy things to do on rainy days.

Movie Afternoons

Perhaps you wanted to take a stroll into the city to watch a movie at the cinema, but the sudden downpour has made you think twice. You want to go and watch the latest blockbuster but you certainly don’t fancy getting soaked beforehand!

Why not try a movie marathon afternoon instead? All you need is a television, a DVD player (or Netflix!), a comfy sofa, popcorn, drinks and other assorted snacks and you’re sorted! Staying in on a wet day and watching movie adventures is one of the best ways to spend your day indoors – indeed, some would argue that it’s the only way to spend your day indoors!

Watch YouTube Videos

This is another one of great things to do on rainy days. If you’re feeling a bit grumpy because the weather is gloomy, what better way to spend your day than by cheering yourself up with some silly YouTube videos?

Take Lots Of Naps

If you’ve been living your life non-stop lately, you should probably be thankful that today it’s raining and you actually have to slow things down for at least one day. Your plans have been cancelled, so why not give yourself a break by spending the day taking lots of naps? Curl up in bed, treat yourself to some nice food and cups of tea, and be thankful for this day off.

Play Some Board Games

Board games are making a comeback, but they’re not just for hipsters with a love of things vintage. Instead, board games are something we can all enjoy, and they make for a great indoor activity whenever it’s pouring down outside.

Make sure you’ve got a secret stash of entertaining board games tucked away for whenever it’s raining so that you can pull ‘em out and pit yourself against your friends. The hours can easily be whiled away as you lose all your cash and property on Monopoly, or shout out who you are absolutely sure is the murderer in Cluedo – only to get it wrong! (again. Or is that just me?!)

Read A Book

Reading a book is one of the best things to do on rainy days; there is nothing quite like it, and it is indeed one of the cosiest activities you can do when there is a storm raging outside. Just picture the scene: You’re sat in front of a lit fire, your feet resting comfortably on a foot stool; a cup of tea is at hand on the coffee table and you’re reading a page turner of a book that is helping to pass the time. Could life get any better?!

If there is a book you’ve been wanting to read for a long time but keep on finding ways to put off reading it, a rainy day presents you with a great chance to relax and lose yourself in someone else’s words.

Play Cards

Card games don’t have to be as serious and financially crippling as poker or blackjack; they can be as fun as rummy or even strip snap! So have a cosy day in with your friends and play a whole host of fun card games.

Do Some Cooking!

Particularly if you’ve been relying on takeaways and pre-packed microwave meals of late, cooking is not just one of cosy things to do on rainy days – it’s also a productive thing to do.

If it’s cold and wet outside, what better thing to do than cook yourself a winter warmer that will help to brighten your day? You can dust off your apron and cook up your own indoor storm by spending the day experimenting with foods and creating a feast. You could also indulge in some baking too and come up with a tasty dessert to finish. Great!

Take A Bubble Bath

A bubble bath is the ultimate in our list of cosy things to do on rainy days, and the warmth of it feels ten times cosier when it’s raining outside. If the weather is cold and wet, you can at least make yourself feel better by taking a deep soak and reminding yourself that you’re actually in paradise and not outside getting soaked to the skin.

Slipping into a bubble bath on a miserable day has to be done right, of course; you need body soap and a good mixture of sugar, honey and an egg white. Combine this with the soap and pour it all into the bath as it fills with water. The egg white is perfect for those fluffy, long-lasting bubbles, while the honey will help your skin to retain moisture. Heaven.

Tidy Your House

Tidying your house is only a chore if you make it a chore. But if the weather is absolutely atrocious outside, why not tidy your house while remaining eternally grateful that at least you’re not outdoors battling the elements and, quite possibly, catching the flu?

You can make this particular activity more fun by listening to some great music at the same time, as well as giving yourself a reward at the end of the day, such as a great big bowl of ice cream.

Mmmm, can we have some?!

Snuggle In Bed

If you and your partner are both in for the day and don’t fancy heading outdoors into the rain (and who can blame you!), then what better thing to do on rainy days than snuggle up to each other in bed?

To really enhance a day in bed, you could make and eat breakfast in bed, binge on box sets, drink cocktails, and, of course – kiss!

What are your favourite things to do on rainy days?

Stay happy!

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