10 Things that confident people never do

Confident people are not perfect. They too have their faults and even their fears, but what they don’t do is let that get in the way of their succeeding. They take control of their lives and they trust in their own instincts. Being confident is as much about the things that you don’t do, as it is about the things that you do, so here are ten things confident people never do:

1. They don’t constantly seek approval from others

Confident people believe in themselves and they do not need the approval of others. They are happy to make their own decisions and make their own mistakes.

2. They don’t procrastinate

Confident people are never afraid of taking the first step down a new path. Even when it is a step they may not wish to take, if it needs to be done, then they will get on with it and get it done.

3. They don’t let their dreams die

Confident people know that dreams can die inside the comfort zone, so they don’t stay in their comfort zone. They know that pushing themselves into the unknown is best, because that is where the opportunities lie.

4. They never make excuses

If they get something wrong, then confident people make no excuses for it. Taking responsibility for your actions is all a part of taking control over your life.

5. They don’t feel they have to compete with other people

The only person that a confident person feels they have a need to better, is the person that they themselves were yesterday. Their focus is on improving themselves and they don’t have the time, or the inclination, to be comparing themselves with other people.

6. They don’t hang around negative people

Highly confident people do not like being around negativity, because they know that that sort of thing can rub off.  They would rather be around like minded, positive people, so they can gain some inspiration from them.

7. They don’t neglect what they have, they make the most of it 

You won’t hear a confident person saying they can’t do a job, because they don’t have the tools or the resources. Their answer to this problem would be to find the tools and resources they need, or do with what they have.

8. They don’t try to wear someone else’s shoes

Just as they don’t compare themselves to other people, nor would a confident person try to emulate another person. They are happy with who they are. So take them or leave them, because they aren’t going to change for you.

9. They don’t judge others and they don’t gossip

Confident people see no need to partake in gossip or in rumour-mongering and insulting people behind their backs. They are confident enough to success on their own merits, so they never pass judgement on other people.

10. They don’t quit easily

They’re not perfect, but confident people get straight back up and try again, when things don’t go to plan. If they do make a mistake, then they will work out why, and then they will be sure that they won’t make the same mistake twice.

How to develop self confidence? Do you know some other things that confident people never do?

Stay happy!

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  1. Nath
    April 27, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    Great list, really useful tips there! In particular not competing with others, social media only really shows peoples best bits so essentially you comparing your whole life against that.

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