How to be successful? 10 Things successful people can’t live without

You can’t really tie down what makes any individual a success, but there are a few things that are pretty common to them all. One is that they are all busy people, number two is that they often travel a lot and number three, is that they stay organised. Modern gadgets can help a lot, but there were still successful people, before the advent of the microchip. Here are ten things that successful people say they couldn’t live without and they don’t all reside on a laptop!

1. A VA (virtual assistant) or PA (personal assistant)

Richard Branson insists that he couldn’t survive without his personal assistant, who he says acts as his extra memory. Not everyone can afford a PA, of course, but having a friend, a partner or a virtual assistant (VA), to keep your feet on the ground, can certainly be a bonus.

2. A mobile telephone

The gadgets had to make an appearance on this list somewhere and, in this day and age, a mobile phone is a must for any busy, successful person. If nothing else, it allows you to phone your other half, and let them know you will be late home for dinner.

3. A thick skin

The more successful you get, the more people will take swipes at you! Successful people definitely need a thick skin to survive and they certainly don’t care if other people criticise their decisions, or even their dress sense.

4. Food

Don’t believe that ‘lunch is for wimps’ quote from the movie Wall Street. Successful people know that they have to eat regularly to keep up their strength. You won’t find them skipping meals, even if they are working at lunches.

5. A to do list

Whether it be an electronic diary or a scrap of paper, successful people plan their days carefully. A simple, bullet point, to do list is an essential tool for any successful person.

6. Pen and paper

Successful people all have their laptops, tablets and smart phones, but they also know the value of having a back up plan too. They don’t want to be caught out with a flat battery, so they always carry a pen and some notepaper too.

7. A good night’s sleep

Work hard and play hard as you like, but you still need your sleep if you want to function properly the next day. That’s why successful people know their limits and they always make sure that they get enough rest and sleep.

8. A good book

Successful people are usually avid readers. When it’s time to switch off the work, they turn to a good book for relaxation. That way, they learn something as they unwind.

9. A sense of humour

You thought that this was going to be all about gadgets, didn’t you? Well, whilst an iPad, the internet and email, are all, of course, important, what does the successful person do when they drop and break their treasured gadget? Why they laugh, of course, because without a sense of humour, they might take themselves too seriously and anyway, they can afford a replacement!

10. Friends and family

While there have been some very famous reclusive entrepreneurs, like Howard Hughes, by far the majority of successful people have a trusted and close circle of family and friends to fall back on. Even the most successful people need to kick off their shoes and relax sometimes.

How to be successful? What other things successful people can’t live without?

Stay happy!

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