10 Things Every Plus-Sized Woman Needs To Hear

Are there things we dare say to a plus-sized woman? Really? Absolutely!

Plus-sized women don’t always have the easiest time of things when it comes to their self-esteem. They’re also not the best at taking compliments, usually because they don’t believe the other person is being sincere.

“You look amazing today.”

“Thanks, but you’re just saying that.”

The problem with this is that it’s then so easy to invent your own reality of how you think you look, as well as how the world perceives you. You assume everyone sees you the way you see you, as well as social media and TV trying to force on us their own perception of “perfection”.

Inundated with pictures in glossy magazines of super-skinny super models, bombarded with filtered photos of smiling, slim friends on social media, plus-sized women can get to feeling like there is a lot they need to live up to. And living up to it is largely impossible.

All is not lost, though. If you’re a plus-sized woman, there are 10 things you absolutely need to hear. Let’s take a look.

All Girls Have Rolls

Think your stomach is the only one with rolls? Think only plus-sized women have rolls?

Think again, girl.

All women have rolls each time they bend over. Ask anyone of your girl friends to hug their knees topless, and you will see their rolls! Tummy rolls are natural as we get a bit older (usually early twenties onwards), and there is nothing no one can do about it. No one gets away scot-free from a tummy roll, not Ariana Grande, not Katy Perry, and not Angelina Jolie. We all have rolls!

So what do you do? You’ve just gotta roll with it (sorry not sorry).

Lots Of Boobs Aren’t Even

Are your boobs not even? Neither are so many women’s. It’s totally natural!

You Don’t Need To Excessively Exercise

Some plus-sized women have got it into their heads that they must exercise every single day in order to lose weight, or to at least not get any bigger. Some women really wear themselves down with a strict regimen of at least 2-3 hours of exercise per day. And if they don’t see results, they get really frustrated. Sometimes, it’s not even because they’re not happy with the way they look. Sometimes, they exercise because they feel they have to – as though they need to prove to others that, yes, they’re big, but they’re at least trying to lose weight.

You don’t owe it to anyone else to change. If you don’t want to exercise so much, you don’t need to. Forget what society says.

You Look Great Because Of Your Body

Ever get the feeling that you look great (or at least decent) in spite of your body? It’s not true. You look and feel great because of your body. There is a big difference. It’s really patronising and degrading when people tell you that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. No – it’s also what’s on the outside that counts. And guess what? Plus-sized women look amazing!

Sure, our body shouldn’t define us, and we are not just our body. But your body is amazing and you need to know it.

Yes, Some Guys Prefer Larger Women

Believe it or not, some guys do prefer bigger women. Honestly. Don’t be afraid if someone messages you on a dating site. He likely isn’t trolling. Many men prefer it. It’s normal!

When People Compliment You, They Usually Mean It

Ever been given a compliment by someone and instantly dismissed it? Maybe you told them to “stop it.” Or maybe you shot them a compliment right back.

“You look great.”

“No, you do.”

This is usually evidence of poor self-esteem. When we hate the way we look, we falsely believe that everyone feels the same way about us. As such, whenever someone shoots us a compliment, we deflect it elsewhere:

“Are you sure you got the right person?”

They got the right person. They complimented you because they think you look great. And guess what? They don’t want you to invalidate their opinion by telling them they’re wrong. They liked the way you look enough to compliment you, so don’t reject it. Take it. Accept it. Thank them for it.

Guys Can Pick You Up Without Breaking Their Backs

“I never let a guy pick me up because I don’t want to injure him. It would be so embarrassing.”

There is a myth going around that if a plus-sized woman was to let to her man pick her up, she’d be setting him up for an injury. It would be really cruel. Not true. Men are strong. Men have power. Men can lift cars for goodness sake! Don’t be afraid of letting your man lift you in the air if he wants to. Let him do it. Feel the intoxicating rush that come with it. It’s so thrilling.

Arm Flab Is Not The Enemy

You know what’s the enemy? A hangover. URGH.

You know what isn’t the enemy? Arm flab.

People will try to make you think that arm flab is this horrible thing that needs to be cut off with scissors. But it really isn’t. It’s natural, harmless, and pretty much everyone has it. Don’t be so ashamed of it that you won’t wear short-sleeved t-shirts or bikini tops. No one will even notice it, promise.

You Can Love Yourself

Guess what? You don’t need to keep insulting yourself each time you look in the mirror? You don’t need to shake your head and get annoyed at the way you look. Instead, you can fall in love with the way you look. You’re beautiful. Love yourself.

It’s Okay Not To Love Yourself Sometimes

Hey, we all have days when we’re not too happy with ourselves. We all have off-days when we’d rather be someone else. But it’s important that you don’t make self-loathing a long-term thing. Also, be careful with the language you use to describe how you feel about yourself. Don’t use strong, powerful and intense words. Don’t say you feel “disgusting” today. Just say you wished you felt better today.

Stay happy!

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