10 Things Confident People Never Do

Confident people are those we look up to and wish we were like. They’re the people who get things done, take huge strides in their lives and reach their goals quicker than anyone else does. They’re the ones who get served at the bar within 5 seconds; they’re the ones who manage to get a crowded lift to hold the doors for them, even though they’re literally on the other side of the room. They’re the kind of people we wish we were but know we never will be. Sad face.

But hold on a minute! Confidence is not something that can be bought online, and neither is it something you’re born with. Think of confidence as a key skill that can be honed and developed. Anyone can be confident. Even you! It’s just something you need to learn. And what better way to start than by looking at 10 things that confident people never do? Let’s go then!

1. Confident People Don’t Make Excuses

If you’re late for work, it can be easy to make excuses.

“A man died in the street.”

“I had to save a man’s life, people. I’m a hero!”

No, you’re not. There never was a man, and he didn’t die. Stop it.

Confident people don’t make excuses. They apologise for being late, and they accept any punishment that comes their way. Moreover, confident people accept that they have to do better next time. And so they do.

2. Confident People Aren’t Scared

If you see anyone back off from a roller coaster, their knees shaking and their lips trembling, you know you’ve got an unconfident person on your hands, who wishes they were sat in front of the TV instead.

Conversely, a confident person will just swagger over to the roller coaster and get on in. To heck with the consequences!

Fear is something that holds us back, and they know that overcoming fear is a step in the right direction of becoming the person they really want to be.

3. Confident People Don’t Gossip

“That dress is way too big for her!”

This is not the kind of line a confident person would deliver. You might deliver it, I might deliver it, but a confident person? Nope! Never!

See, they don’t care about needless drama. They have better things to do with their time than act jealous of other people. They don’t need to comfort themselves with knowing that others are committing horrendous crimes of fashion. They have their own lives to live and that’s what they focus on. To heck with everyone else’s opinions!

Except their moms. Confident people still love their moms. Well, they’re still human, after all. Just about. Hi mom!

4. Confident People Don’t Procrastinate

Confident people have the ability to just get out there and make things happen. They don’t sit around on the couch all day, putting things off. They focus on something they want to achieve, then they go out there and achieve it, for goodness’ sake!

Procrastination is something that slows many of us down, but confidence is a momentum-builder and it speeds things up. Confidence is a major factor in goal-getting, and if you see anyone lazing around with Netflix when they should be writing a report, you’ve spotted one of those unconfident people. Confident people, by contrast, don’t hang around for the right time; they strike now. 

5. Confident People Hate Bubbles

Comfort zones are comforting (sorry) to many of us. They reassure us, look after us, and make us feel better. N’aww.

But do you really think a confident person needs to be reassured, looked after, and made to feel better? Of course not, they’re not 5 years-old anymore! Confident folk avoid living in a bubble of comfort, because they know that stagnation slowly destroys you in there. You become satisfied with your average life in there and you don’t achieve anything. Confident people burst these bubbles, blow them up, and get out there into the real world!

So, next time you see a bubble, pop it!

6. Confident Folk Don’t People-Please

It’s definitely true that confident folk just don’t care what others think of them. If they spent their lives trying to please everyone, they’d be half the person they are now.

They wouldn’t even be half the person, they’d be a mere smidgen. And who wants to be a smidgen of who you are?

To help them avoid pleasing people, they surround themselves with the right kind of people. They avoid folk who constantly want to change them.

7. Confident People Don’t Avoid Public Speaking

Eh, the dreaded public speaking event. We’ve all had to address the public at some point, whether at school or at work, and many of us fear it almost as much, as they fear death.

But confident people? They embrace it! They seek public speaking as a challenge and an opportunity to showcase their skills. They get on up there with a smile and an awesome presentation, and they wow the crowd. They know, after all, that public speaking is a great way to convey information to lots of people. And why would they want to miss that opportunity?!

8. Confident People Don’t Avoid Networking Either

We know the score. You wanted to network at a film and television event recently but got so nervous that you drank too much and passed out in the toilets. Confident people don’t do that. They look forward to networking, because they know it’s a great opportunity to expand their contacts, meet influential people, and perhaps climb another step up the career ladder.

9. Confident People Don’t Let Obstacles Stop Them

Aww gee, can’t get to work because your car won’t start? I guess you’re gonna trundle on back home, go on Facebook and watch television, right?

Confident people don’t do this. Instead, they’ll find a way to get to work. They don’t let a lack of resources get in their way. They use obstacles as a chance to grow and learn new things. No car? No problem!

10. Confident People Don’t Need Encouragement

“Shall I really do this? Shall I? Shall I? But what if I fail? What will I do then? What do you think? Shall I do this? Call mom and ask her. Just call her, for goodness’ sake!”

Confident people don’t seek assurance, and they certainly don’t wait around for someone to give them the go-ahead. They make things happen, and they take control of their destiny. If they waited around, they wouldn’t get anything done.

Stay happy and believe in yourself!

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