10 Things confident girls never do

Confident people are not perfect, they make their mistakes and they have their flaws, but they never let those things hold them back. They believe in their own abilities and they follow their dreams and, when setbacks do occur, they don’t give up. You are not born with self-confidence, it is something that is learned and you can learn the lessons of confidence at any age. If you would like to learn how to be more self-confident, then start here with these ten things that confident girls never do.

1. They don’t put other people down

Confident girls don’t feel that there is any need to put other people down. They celebrate other people’s success and they accept people for who they are. A confident girl will not be the jealous type, because they are confident that they can achieve what they want to achieve, in their own way.

2. They avoid putting things off

Very confident people don’t procrastinate; they get on and do things. They accept that not everything has to be perfect and that it is better to do something to the best of your ability today, than it is to never do it at all.

3. They don’t compare themselves to other people

You won’t ever find a confident person looking longingly at another person and wishing that they could be them. A confident girl would not ask herself: “Could I be as good as that other girl”, she would ask: “Am I as good as I can be”.

4. They don’t seek the approval of others

A confident girl knows that she can’t please and be liked by everyone and she doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think about her. That doesn’t mean that a confident person goes through life, not caring about other people, it just means that they don’t waste their time being a people pleaser.

5. They never need hand-holding

Confident girls don’t need to ask for someone else’s opinion before they make a decision. They make their decisions on their own and they stand by those decisions. They don’t need to be constantly reassured that they are doing the right things, because they trust in their own ability to come to the decisions that are right for them.

6. They would never quit

Highly confident people are not quitters. Even when they face a setback, they pick themselves back up and they try again. If something were to go dramatically wrong, then they would analyse what had happened, work out where they went wrong and learn from their mistakes.

7. They don’t obsess over their appearance

When a girl is filled with self-confidence, she will be perfectly happy with who she is and how she looks. She probably will take care of herself and be well groomed, but she will understand that what she looks like does not define who she is. A confident girl is also very likely to eat healthy foods and to take care of her body, but this is because she wants to look after herself, not because she wants to impress other people.

8. They never settle for second best

A self-assured woman knows what she wants and she will do all that she can, to get it. She would never settle for a half-hearted effort from herself, and she won’t appreciate the same from other people either. Confident people are happy to accept help when they need it, though, and they are perfectly at ease with the fact that different people have different skills.

9. They never isolate themselves from other people

Highly confident people are usually very sociable people as well. They never feel that they will embarrass themselves in the company of other people and they feel comfortable mixing with lots of different people. They enjoy sharing ideas and learning new things and they never feel the need to hide themselves away in isolation from other people.

10. They never think that relationships define who they are

A confident girl would be looking for love in a relationship and a partner with whom she can grow. Confident people don’t need to be with a partner, they are with a partner because they want to be. Their relationship status doesn’t define who they are, but they still want to be loved, just like everyone else does.

How to improve self confidence? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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