10 Sweetest Things About The Holiday Season

Whether we’re religious or not, most of us just love to celebrate Christmas each year. The holiday season is a special time of the year when families do all they can to see each other, couples take mini breaks together, and magical things happen.

Perhaps the best thing about Christmas is that you don’t have to be a seven-year-old to enjoy it. You can be approaching thirty, have the world’s most stressful job, and yet still behave like a giddy kid during the festive season.

Indeed, Christmas is a time for relaxing, for making merry – and for getting super excited about that huge gift wrapped box that is apparently for us!

Because there are now just a few days until the Big Day, let’s take a look at the 10 sweetest things about the holiday season.

Being With Your Family

During the year, when you’re working all the hours that God sends, it’s hard to see too much of your family. You might live with your spouse, and perhaps you see your mom and dad now and then, but family get togethers haven’t been the same ever since you left home.

Christmas is the perfect excuse to get the whole family together for a shindig. It brings people together, and encourages us to drive hundreds of miles to spend such a special time of the year with special people. Family matters, and it’s during the holiday season when we realise how much they mean to us.

Christmas Eve

The anticipation has been building for the past few days, and it all reaches a crescendo on Christmas Eve. The presents are laid out around the tree, giving you a chance to feel and shake the boxes to guess what you’ve got this year. The drinks are poured, carols are sung, and everyone is ready for the big man to pop down the chimney.

Christmas Eve is also the day when you finally get to settle down; you’ve done all your shopping, and now you can relax with your loved ones and just generally enjoy the occasion. You can also open at least one present if your mom lets you!


Giving presents and seeing the joy they bring to people is what can make Christmas super sweet. Knowing you’ve got your loved ones something they really appreciate makes your day much more, than actually opening up your own presents.

Christmas should be a time for putting a smile on someone’s face, and you can do this with a special gift. The excitement we have when we unwrap our presents makes all that hectic shopping so worth it.

Christmas Music

Unless you work in retail, where Christmas music is pretty much played non-stop for forty days and forty nights, Christmas music is special.

Everyone has their favourite songs, songs that take us back to childhood when Christmas was all about time off school, oodles of amazing presents, and mom’s great cooking.

We also have a few guilty pleasures. Mariah Carey, anyone?

Whether you prefer Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Nat King Cole, Wham! or traditional Christmas carols, there is Christmas music for everyone. Sitting around a warm fire, drinking eggnog and listening to the music is a perfect way to spend your time during the holiday season.

Christmas Tree Smell

A freshly cut lawn may remind us of summer, but a Christmas tree is the one special smell that reminds everyone of the greatest time of the year.

There is simply no better smell than Christmas tree smell. The traditional pine-fresh scent evokes nostalgia, and takes us all back to awesome Christmases past. It only comes around once a year, which makes it more magical, and it transports us to a very magical place.

Handwritten Christmas Cards

Okay, nobody writes a handwritten message anymore. We communicate with our friends via short texts, impersonal emails, and cheeky Facebook messages that contain more emoticons than words.

Which is why handwritten Christmas cards are extra special.

Christmas cards are charming, and receiving a few in the post from your friends is part of what makes the holiday season so special.

It’s even better when your friend has gone to the effort of actually making the card themselves.

Christmas Decorations

Not just your Christmas decorations – although they are sweet and awesome – but Christmas decorations and lights all over town that twinkle in windows and bring your town alive.

It’s always sweet when your neighbours join in with the festivities and light up their houses with lights, trees and decorations. It’s part of the magic.

It also makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you drive home from work in the dark for one last time before the holidays. Awesome.


Okay, it certainly doesn’t snow every year (and depending on where you live, it may never snow), but when snow falls during the holiday season, it’s one of the sweetest things ever. It literally puts the icing on the cake. You simply cannot beat a White Christmas.

Snowcapped sceneries are picture postcards, and they can make an ordinary town look like something out of your favourite Christmas movie.

Taking Your Children To See Santa Claus

Yes, us, grown-ups love Christmas.

But Christmas is also for kids, and taking your children to see Santa Claus in the lead-up to the big day is one of the sweetest things you could ever do.

Watching your child get excited as they tell Santa what they want this year fills your heart with joy, and it’s even better when you know that they still believe in the man with the beard.

Christmas Movies!

There is nothing better than settling down for the night with your beloved in front of a blazing fire and watching your favourite Christmas movie.

Whether it’s Elf, Home Alone, It’s A Wonderful Life, You’ve Got Mail, or The Holiday, there is just something super sweet about Christmas movies that help us escape the realities of everyday life. If you’re still not feeling “Christmasey” stick your favourite Christmas film on and get into the festivities!

Stay happy!

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