10 Surprising Benefits of Cuddling That Will Make You Smile

We all love to cuddle. Whether we’re cuddling up to our man at night, or whether we’re cuddling our pets to show them some love, there is just something about cuddling that makes us smile. But have you ever stopped to think about what other variety of benefits cuddling might have?

1. Your Relationship Will Be Strengthened

Those who cuddle in bed at night will have stronger, happier relationships according to a recent survey carried out by the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The study found that couples who don’t snuggle at night aren’t entirely happy with their relationship.

But if you and your partner cuddle up to one another, it shows that you’re happy – and it will only bolster your relationship. After all, whenever we’ve had a bad day at work, what can make us feel better than a loving cuddle from the man we love?

2. It Makes You Feel Less Stressed

Is work making you stressed? Are you being asked to work more hours, and as a result are you feeling anxious and in need of a pick-me-up? Then cuddle more, because another one of fabulous benefits of cuddling is that it makes you feel less stressed.

When we make skin to skin contact, our brain makes our body cut back on cortisol production, and as a result we feel less anxious. And what is one of the easiest ways to make skin to skin contact? Cuddling!

3. You’ll Sleep Better

Because skin to skin contact makes you feel less anxious, you will therefore be able to snooze easier. Cuddling relaxes and reassures your mind, and when we’re calm and tranquil, we find sleep easier to come by.

Conversely, when we feel as though we’re alone at night, we are more prone to negative thoughts, and as a consequence we find it harder to get a good night’s sleep.

4. It Gives Your Immune System A Boost

Another one of great health benefits of cuddling is that it gives your immune system a boost. When you’re in love, it’s easy to feel invincible, and as though nothing can stop you. You’re on top of the world. This awesome feeling is helped by the release of oxytocin, a so-called feel-good hormone that makes us feel as though we can fly. When we’re in love, our oxytocin release goes into overdrive.

Also, this hormone releases other hormones that help our bodies to better fight infection. So what essentially happens is that, when we’re cuddling, we feel so good that we simply can’t get sick. The power of positive thinking (feeling) has never been so potent.

5. Cuddling Relieves Pain

Here is another one of great benefits of cuddling – it relieves pain. What do you do when your head aches? You rub it better. You do the same when your neck aches, and when your back aches you ask someone to rub it for you. Touch really can relieve pain, and because rubbing can kill pain, just think what a good cuddle can do!

6. Cuddling Minimises Social Anxiety

As we mentioned earlier, when we hug someone, our body releases the feel-good hormone, oxytocin. If you pop to a party where you only know one person, you might feel a little anxious and overawed. But as soon as you hug your friend, you’ll feel better in no time at all.

Our top tip: Hug your friend before entering the house party.

7. Cuddling Reduces Cravings

Another interesting talent of oxytocin is that it reduces food cravings. In fact, it doesn’t just reduce food cravings – it also reduces drug and alcohol cravings. So if you’re scared of being tempted by the fridge in the middle of the night, the easiest – and most delightful – way of remedying this is by cuddling up to your partner. After all, spooning is better than a tub of ice cream, isn’t it?

8. It Reduces Our Fears

Benefits of cuddling are very numerous and here is another one of them – it helps reduce fears. If you feel scared or vulnerable in the middle of the night, you should snuggle up to your partner. Studies have shown that a woman’s fears and worries can be reduced massively by simply touching her partner. This could be something as little as holding hands, or it could be something as loving as cuddling under the duvet. And because cuddling brings with it so many other benefits, we suggest a good snuggle.

9. Cuddling Lowers Blood Pressure

Another one of fabulous health benefits of cuddling is that it lowers blood pressure. Again, we have our friend oxytocin to thank for this one. When our oxytocin levels are high, both our blood pressure and heart rate are low. And because one in five adults suffer with high blood pressure, it’s pretty understandable that cuddling is something we should all do more often. Naturally, you should look to combine it with a healthy diet, because cuddling alone can’t do everything.

10. It Cuts Our Distractions In The Bedroom

Have you ever thought about the many distractions in your bedroom that prevent you and your man from connecting with one another? There is the television, your cell phones, the books and magazines, and so on and so on. But by cuddling, you’re cutting out all the distractions and doing what you really should be doing in the bedroom – connecting with one another.

Do you know other benefits of cuddling?

Stay happy!

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