10 Super Easy Tips On How To Build Self Confidence

We all would like a bit more confidence. Well, who are we kidding?! We want a lot more confidence! And we want it now!

The great thing is that self-confidence is not something you’re born with. Okay, yes, some people appear to be naturally confident, such as those 8 year old kids on talent shows. Gosh, just where do they get all that charisma from?!

But self-confidence is all about perception; the perception of how you see yourself and how others see you. And the great thing is? All this can be sorted out with 10 super easy tips on how to build self confidence. So let’s take a look!

1. Dress Better or, in other words, wear clothes that makes you feel good

There is nothing quite like a dowdy dress sense to reflect a dowdy mind. If you feel downbeat, shy and awkward, you might want to examine your clothes first. Are they too big on you? Are their colours just ghastly? Are you basically committing a thousand crimes against fashion? If so, you’re going to find that self-confidence is at a premium.

Now, while clothes certainly don’t make the man, they do make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. Moreover, sharper clothes means that others perceive you differently. They think, “wow! Here is someone who knows who they are.”

So we suggest kitting yourself out in clothes that fit, are stylish, which scream confidence and that make you feel good.

2. Improve Your Posture

If you mope around the place with hands in your pocket, hunched shoulders and a vanishing neck, then of course your confidence is going to plummet. Moreover, others are going to look at you and think: “That person has zero self-belief.”

So another easy tip on how to build self confidence is to improve your posture. Be bold and stand up straight. Take bigger strides, and look important. A good posture sends out a positive impression to others and it makes you feel so much better in your own skin.

3. Embrace Failure

You’re fired!

You’re Dumped!

There is nothing like failure to knock the stuffing out of us. Failure is enough to make many of us feel worthless. Yet the most successful people have learned to realise that failure is something that happens to all of us. Rather than see it as a reason to lapse into depression, successful, confident people see failure as an opportunity to grow.

Lost your job? Learn a new skill and get a better job! Been dumped? Enhance your personal appeal and meet someone even better! Setbacks are obstacles that help us to improve who we are.

4. Dish Out Compliments

Next great tip on how to build self confidence is to dish out compliments. You’d think that by complimenting others you’re making them feel confident as opposed to yourself, right? Right! Well, kinda. You see, by sharing positive vibes you’ll be indulging in the positivity too. If you develop a negative attitude to others, that negative attitude will also fall back on you. But if you share love and make others smile, you’ll find yourself feeling ever more confident. Try it!

5. Be A Friend To Someone

An easy way of boosting your confidence is getting out there and seeing your friends. Being stuck home alone all the time whilst browsing Facebook photo’s is a surefire way of letting ourselves be eaten alive by the worms of self-loathing.

To remedy this, we suggest that you revel in the company of your friends. Go to dance parties, have a laugh and take photos! Enjoy life!

6. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Another important tip on how to build self confidence is to stop comparing your life and yourself to others.

Yes, we know. Your friends are all married.

And, yes, they make more money than you are.

And they have a great car.

And an adopted African kid.

Stop it! We are all different, and we all walk different paths, forge different journeys. You simply cannot live your life comparing yourself to others. It will create unsustainable expectations and it will simply depress you. Instead, you should focus on yourself and your own goals. What makes you unique? What do you excel at, that others fall short in?

7. Work Out

Flabby people take to the gym because their excess weight is bringing them down. They’re just not feeling very confident at all, and it’s all down to their body size. Even if you’re not battling the bulge, there are always areas of your body that you can work on.

Working out means your personal appearance and fitness is enhanced. You look better, and therefore you feel better. And when you know you’re looking absolutely pristine and like the ideal physical specimen that you truly are, your confidence will go through the roof.

8. Flirt

How to build self confidence? Flirt! This one is a fun one. There is often no better way of boosting your self-confidence than flirting with someone you fancy. It’s fun, and can make you feel better about yourself – especially when they reciprocate and flirt back!

As we said earlier, self-confidence is often about how you are perceived by others. When you’re flirting with someone, they’ll invariably think: “Now, here’s a confident person!” Ace!

9. Practice At Something

Tried learning Black Dog by Led Zeppelin on guitar but failed? It’s a tough riff, right? Aww, gee, I bet you feel like packing up that guitar now and selling it. Bet your confidence is really low. After all, you’re not as good as your friends.

But wait just a cotton picking minute here! To get good at something, you have to practice. The more you practice, the better you get. And when you become ace at something, you’ll be blessed with confidence! Go you!

10. Smile!

Our final tip on how to build self confidence is to smile. When you walk around looking as gloomy as the Grim Reaper, your scowl will be off-putting to others. You’ll send out the rather unfortunate impression that you’re a real misery guts who has no time for people. Your outward perception will be of a person who is low on confidence, and low on life.

If you smile, however, others will smile back. This is a fantastic confidence booster. When people smile at us, we can’t help but smile – either inwardly or outwardly. We brighten, we feel better, and we feel confident. Try it, it works!

Just don’t walk around with a permanent smile. That’s just weird.

How to build self confidence? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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