10 Simple ways to make people like you

You can’t, of course, force someone to like to you, but there are things that you can do to be a more likeable person. There could be things that you are doing that make people hesitate to get closer to you and seek your friendship so, read on and find ten simple ways that will make more people like you.

1. Don’t be too shy to talk

Try to talk more freely with people and don’t be afraid to express an opinion. If you are too shy and introverted then people won’t be able to get to know you and they may even think that you are not interested in friendship.

2. Adopt an open body language

You can frighten people off with your body language too, so try and appear more open. Never stand bolt upright with your arms crossed because that will make you appear unapproachable. Instead, adopt a more relaxed posture, with your arms held loosely at your side.

3. Don’t pretend to know everything

No one likes a know-it-all, so be willing to learn from others and ask for their help when you need it. People actually do like helping others and, admitting you need it, will make you more endearing to those around you.

4. Lighten your mood

Set aside your concerns and lighten up a little. If you want more people to like you then you can’t be talking doom and gloom all the time. People have enough problems of their own, without coming to you to hear more!

5. Be interested in other people

Another trait of likeable people is that they show a real interest in others. Listen closely to what other people have to say and take an interest by asking questions. We all warm to a person who seems genuinely interested in us.

6. Smile!

Flashing those pearly whites will instantly soften your features and make you look friendlier. Make sure it looks genuine though, because smiling madly at everyone you meet will not have the desired effect!

7. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Don’t take offence at jokes made toward you and never take yourself too seriously. People feel more relaxed around people who can laugh at themselves and they will be far more open to friendship with you.

8. Don’t gossip

We all like a little gossip with a close friend, but make sure that you are not using gossip as the mainstay of your every conversation. If you get a reputation for being a gossip, then people will pull away from you, because they will become wary of what you may tell others about them.

9. Give your time freely

Be prepared to give your time to others, with absolutely no strings attached. Offer to help people out and then follow that offer up with some real action and you will soon be making some new friends.

10. Be yourself

And finally, just relax and be yourself because, if you try and put on a show, people will see straight through you. We’ve all heard the person with the loud fake laugh or seen someone showing fake surprise or shock, and it looks just what it is – fake. So, relax, smile and be yourself and you will be well on your way to becoming more likeable.

Stay happy!

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