10 Simple tips for ladies on how to feel attractive and confident

Being attractive and feminine starts from within you, it’s about how you feel and how confident you are in yourself, more than it is about how you look on the outside. If you feel attractive and desirable, then you will be. So, read these ten tips and find out how you can feel more feminine, beautiful and attractive:

1. Dress the way you want to feel

Our first tip on how to feel attractive and confident is to chose clothes that make you feel feminine and attractive, but wear clothes that make you feel comfortable too. Experiment with your wardrobe and wear what makes you feel attractive and confident, but not uncomfortable, it all adds up to the overall beautiful image that you project.

2. Wear a good perfume

Another great tip on how to feel attractive and confident is to wear great perfume. When you smell good, you feel good and a great fragrance will get you noticed. Use scented body lotions and moisturizers and treat yourself to some fine perfume, you’ll be glad that you did.

3. Enjoy being eyed by the guys

Try not to be self-conscious, when a guy checks you out, he’s not taking note of your flaws, he’s admiring you! Learn to love it, when men cast a glance, it’s a compliment, so lap it up and feel attractive!

4. Don’t shy away from eye contact

Next tip on how to feel attractive and confident is to be bold. Your eyes are beautiful, and making eye contact with a guy will make you feel attractive too. You can take control of a conversation with your eyes, so transfix him with a smile and look deep into his eyes, you’ll have him hooked!

5. Wear attractive lingerie (nobody will see, but you know)

What you wear under your clothes is as important to how you feel, as what you wear on the outside. Sensuous, silky underwear can be your little secret, but you will feel all the more feminine and attractive for wearing it.

6. Pamper yourself

Another good suggestion on how to feel attractive and confident is to give yourself the red carpet treatment and treat yourself to a spa day. When you know that everything is perfect, from your head down to your toes, you’ll feel like a lady and you will feel more confident about yourself too.

7. Workout and get fit

Working out is not just about losing weight, it will also give you more confidence and improve your posture too. If you feel fit and look good, you will also feel attractive and more attractive.

8. Practice

Next good tip on how to feel attractive and confident is to simply practice. Practice makes perfect and the best way to practice your feminine charms is with a bit of flirting. Have some fun and flirt, whenever you get the chance; light flirting will improve your ‘coquet’ skills and make you feel great.

9. Focus on your best attributes

If you let yourself, you will find that you focus on negative things about yourself. Turn off that self-criticizing voice inside your head and focus instead on what you know is great about you, this is another wonderful tip on how to feel attractive and confident. You need confidence, above all else, so that the feminine and attractive side of you can come out.

10. Be proud of who you are

How to be attractive and confident? Believe you already are! If you tell yourself that you are attractive and feminine, then you will be. You can try all the tricks in the book, but the bottom line is that it’s all in your head. Girls are often troubled by self-doubt and that just makes things worse. You are attractive and feminine! You just have to believe it, that’s all.

What are your favorite tips on how to feel confident, feminine and attractive?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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