10 Simple life experiences to add to your bucket list

Don’t you get fed up reading bucket lists that contain nothing but amazing, incredible things that you might want to do before you die, but none of the important, simple, life experiences that are just as important, if not more? Who wants to jump out of an airplane, do a bungee jump and swim with dolphins, but never fall in love? Everyone should have these wild ambitions and everyone should do their best to achieve them, but let’s not miss out on some of life’s simple pleasures while we are fuelling our adrenaline addiction! Here are ten simple life experiences that should be somewhere amongst all those other amazing things on your bucket list.

1. Do something nice for someone you don’t know

A random act of kindness shouldn’t really need to be on your bucket list just as a one off ambition, but more as an ongoing project. You can make a huge difference to someone else’s day, or even their life, by doing something really simple for a stranger. Buy a burger for a homeless person, stand up on a bus for an older lady, or help someone who is struggling with their bags. You’ll get nothing in return, but a smile and a thank you. You’ll also get a great deal of personal satisfaction that you were able to help.

2. Learn how to sing, or to play a musical instrument

Haven’t you envied someone who can sit down at a piano and knock out a tune, or whose voice stands out when they sing? When you learn how to create music, by whatever means you can, you get a huge amount of satisfaction from it and it’s a skill that will stay with you your entire life.

3. Go to the opera, the ballet or a Shakespearean play

Step outside of your comfort zone mentally and go and see something that you never thought of going to see before. Thousands of people assume they will not like something like an opera or a ballet, without ever actually going to see one. Give it a try and you might just be surprised.

4. Travel, just travel

A lot of bucket lists have ‘travel the world’ included in them, but that is not feasible for everyone. Travel of any kind should be on everyone’s bucket list, though, even if it’s only to the next city or the country next door. Travel teaches you how to be independent, it opens your eyes to other cultures and other ways of life, and you get to meet new and interesting people. Don’t, whatever you do, be one of those people who never ventures beyond their own town.

5. Be there for a friend

When you can, be there for a friend, then that too can be one of life’s great experiences. Whether it is to console them in a moment of grief, or just to give them a helping hand when they need one; having friends, and being a good friend to other people, is one of the most rewarding things that there is.

6. Do something, just for you

Treat yourself to a weekend at a spa resort, take off on a weekend break on your own, or just send the kids to stay with the grandparents and have a weekend at home. All of these things come under the one heading of doing things just for you. Everyone deserves time to themselves and everyone deserves a treat now and then, so while you are busy looking after everyone else, don’t forget to do some things that are just for you.

7. Play in the snow

You are never too old, so the next time it snows, don’t just sit there looking out the window, get your hat, coat and scarf on, and go to the nearest park and find someone to have a snowball fight with. If it rains, go out and splash in some puddles. Let go and play like a kid again, and when your hands are numb and blue from the cold, or your feet are soaked through from the rain, you can go back home and warm up again in a nice hot bath.

8. Watch a lamb being born

Have you ever seen a lamb being born, or watched an egg hatch? Seeing Mother Nature at work, creating new life, is one of the most wonderful experiences that you can have. It really is awe-inspiring to watch the first shaky, hesitant steps of a new born animal on its first day in the world.

9. Spend a night under the stars

Lay outside all night, and gaze up the stars. It will have you wondering about all sorts of things. Where did it all come from, where does it end and, is there anyone else out there! The stars are something that we rarely take a lot of notice about, but when you start to really think about them, it can make you ask all sorts of questions about them, and about yourself.

10. Walk alone in a forest

Take a long walk, all on your own, far away from people and noise and pollution. It could be in a forest, it could be up a mountain, or it could be on a deserted beach. Just get away from it all, on your own, and enjoy the peace and solitude for a while.

Stay happy!

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