10 Secrets Of Playful People You Need To Know About

If you’ve ever picked up children from school (yours or someone else’s), you will know what kind of scenes greet you at the gates: Kids screaming and running around, tagging each other and laughing. They frolic with big smiles on their faces, and they haven’t a care in the world. They’re playing, and they’re having lots of fun.

Perhaps watching them run around reminds you of your own carefree days of childhood, a time before bills, work and nagging boyfriends stressed you out. You can see the joy in the children’s faces and it takes you back to a time when you were that innocent, when the only thing that bothered you was whether your mom was gonna give you burgers for dinner tonight or one of her horrid “vegetable medleys”.

Once we reach a certain age, many of us lose our sense of adventure. We forget how to have fun, either because we assume we have to, or because adult life just gets in the way.

But did you know that a) it isn’t written anywhere that adults can’t have fun and b) there are plenty of playful adults out there who are having fun all the time?

In fact, research has not condemned adults for being playful. Quit the opposite; it’s actually encouraged more adults to have set aside time for play because it’s super beneficial.

For example, playtime can improve your creativity, reduce stress, and it can also build a better connection with others.

With so many benefits, why aren’t you enjoying a bit of playtime?

Perhaps now that childhood seems like such a distant memory you’ve forgotten how to have fun. You’ve become so accustomed to behaving like an adult that you can’t remember how to let your guard down and be a big kid.

They always say that if we want to learn how to do something, we should model our habits on those who are already doing it. So let’s take a look at 10 secrets of playful people you need to know about.

Be Open Minded

First of all, be open-minded and positive about this. Don’t try to be a more playful person with a closed mind. Free your mind. Be open to the idea that it’s perfectly acceptable to let your hair down.

Set Aside Some Time For Playtime

Okay, so as kids we never “set aside” some time for playtime. We didn’t tell our friends that, sure, we can play ball but first of all we need to check our project management app.

But as an adult, it’s important that you set aside some time for playtime because, although this is a very non-fun thing to do, it’s necessary if you’re actually going to find the time to have some fun.

In fact, a lack of time is probably the number one reason many of us don’t get around to playing. After we’ve packed the kids off to school, made breakfast, got to work, got home and made dinner for everyone before helping out with our kids’s home work, there is no time left for fun.

So, just like you’d schedule gym time, schedule some play time. Fit it into your diary.

Spend More Time With Kids

If you don’t have kids of your own, spend some more time with your friends’ kids. Offer to babysit for them, and let them remind you what it’s like to have fun.

Kids are the best teachers, and you’ve probably got a lot to learn.

Let Yourself Go

Wanna take a day trip out tomorrow but don’t feel as though you really should because it’s not what people like you do?

OMG just go!

Have A Games Night

One of my fondest memories as a kid is games night with my parents. I used to look forward to those nights where we’d get the whole family around a board game and play for hours. It was a lot of fun.

But what happened to games night? I grew up. I swapped it for Netflix and Chill or another failed first date.

Games nights bring people together, and especially when you play in pairs it can even help you all to build some relationships.

Plus, it’s a hoot!

Make Some Fun Art

Who cares if your drawing looks like like you, or that your collage is over the top? You’re having fun!

Don’t take things too seriously. Approach everything with the idea that, first and foremost, you’re just here to have some fun. You’re not gonna meticulously apply every inch of paint so that you’re still working on the same painting for the next three years – you’re just gonna slosh some paint around and see what happens.


Don’t be nice all the time. Nice is nice, but what’s wrong with being a bit of a tease now and then? It’s FUN.

Take Some Toys With You To Work

Unless you happen to work at Google or Pixar, the chances are that your workplace is mind-numbingly boring. The office walls are grey and drab, the blinds are always closed because Bob from HR has a problem with sunlight, while the coffee machine is the only “toy”. And even that rarely works.

How about you take a few toys into work with you that you can play with during your break? This will engage your brain and keep your spirits up, and it can also boost productivity.

Everyone needs a proper break at work, and by letting loose and just playing, you’re certainly getting a more entertaining break than Sandra who goes for a cigarette and has to listen to Bob from HR talk about his skin condition.

Dance Like Your Don’t Care

When was the last time you had a proper boogie?

Now is the time to play your favourite tunes during the day and dance your ass off.

In your car or in your kitchen, load up a tune, crank up the volume and dance like nobody is watching.

And who cares if someone does see you? Chances are they’re jealous that you know how to have fun.

Try Something New

Scared to take an acting class in case someone laughs at you?

What? LOL.

Just do it. Try new things all the time. Who cares what anyone thinks?

Stay happy!

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