10 Reasons why you will become happier if you stop sweating the little things

You’ve probably heard it at least once: stop sweating the little things, life’s short enough as it is to lose sleep over petty stuff. You’ve also found out that sometimes this is easier said than done. The reason? Stress. There are so many sources of stress in our everyday lives that it’s often hard to take a step back and ignore the little things that annoy you. But here are ten reasons why you should nevertheless try to do it.

1. It’s bad for your skin

That’s right, stress breeds wrinkles and rashes. It messes up your hormonal balance and makes appear the pimples and fine lines around your mouth. Now, while it’s impossible to avoid all stress, you can at least choose to ignore the little annoyances, such as an unfriendly sales assistant or a queue in front of the cash machine.

2. It’s bad for your health in general

Excessive stress has been linked to a host of diseases, preventable diseases. It can harm your heart, it can harm your digestive system (just think about ulcers), it can give you high blood pressure with all the serious consequences that stem from it. And these are just a few examples.

3. It encourages bad habits

People rarely get drunk because they’re happy. They also rarely chain-smoke because they’ve just heard the best news in their life. See what we’re getting at? The more you get angry at every little thing that bothers you, the more you will be pushed to do something self-destructive.

4. It’s expensive

Given the already mentioned health implications of excessive stress, it should be easy to see why sweating over little things is expensive. Add to this going on a shopping spree because your boss pissed you off yesterday and the bill gets fatter and fatter.

5. It interferes with your job

If you get annoyed with every jammed piece of paper in the printer, every co-worker that just sits there and browses Facebook instead of working, every time you can’t get your favourite sandwich for lunch, how much work do you think you’ll be able to do? Ignore all these, unless, of course, that co-worker’s laziness affects you directly. If it does – tell them so and forget about it.

6. It can mess up your relationship

When we’re under permanent stress, we get to be much more likely to start noticing irritating stuff that we used to ignore. It’s a truly vicious circle. The more you get angry with the little things, the more you start noticing them and getting more irritated by them. From here to a break-up, there’s just one step.

7. It makes you hurt people

This is a logical consequence of the above. You start snapping at your nearest and dearest, you start snapping at other people, even if they’re not responsible for your bad mood. Do you really feel better after cursing the guy who bumped into you on the street? Hardly. It’s more likely that you felt even angrier.

8. It makes you hurt yourself

Well, not literally, but feeling miserable doesn’t do you any good, does it? There isn’t a person in their right mind that feels better after they’ve had an argument with a stranger in a shop or with the bank teller, for example. So why not spare yourself these exchanges? Smile, that always works!

9. It makes it impossible to enjoy life

The more time you spend focusing on the little things that irk you, the less time you have to enjoy the equally little things that warm your heart and make you feel happy. It’s as simple as that. You decide which of these is better for you.

10. It stops you from doing things

Worrying over little things, getting annoyed at them, is the surest way to lose all focus and become incapable of moving forward. And life is all about moving forward, isn’t it? Getting better at what you do, getting closer to the ones you love, in a word: getting happier.

Stop sweating the little things, be happy!

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