10 Reasons why you should stop being superstitious

Do you avoid cracks in the pavement or are you afraid to cross the road, when you see a black cat? Most people won’t walk under a ladder, because that one actually makes sense! But, for some people, superstitions can actually take over their lives, so here are ten reasons why you should stop being so superstitious:

1. Superstitions can rule your life

If you believe too much in superstitions, you can become a slave to them. You might begin to make decisions based upon superstition, rather than on fact and that is not a healthy way to run your life.

2. There is no scientific foundation to superstition

There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that superstitions are grounded in fact. If you see a penny and you pick it up, you are more likely to put your back out, than you are to have good luck for the rest of the day.

3. Understand where superstitions come from

When you understand where many superstitions come from, you will find that they may have made some sense many years ago, but today, they mean nothing at all. For example, in ancient times, the spilling of salt would have been unlucky, because slat was so rare and expensive.

4. Superstitions can be very inconvenient!

Think about how superstitions might be affecting your life and how inconvenient they can be. Having to have your lucky charm with you, wherever you go, can be a real nuisance and what do you do, if you do forget it? The chances are that your superstitions have made you late for appointments, made you miss flights, or even made you fail to turn up at all on some occasions.

5. It causes unnecessary anxiety

By believing in superstitions, you are giving yourself more one thing to worry about. The fear of Friday the 13th, or of the bad luck that a broken mirror will bring, can become so real, for some people, that it can cause serious anxiety and panic attacks.

6. You make your own luck

A lucky rabbit’s foot is not what brings you luck, you do! If you believe too much in superstitions, then you might be leaving too much to fate, and not making enough of your own luck.

7. Superstitions only seem real, because you make them so

When you are superstitious, you will find yourself attributing your good luck or bad luck to those superstitions, rather than to what really happened and, by doing that, you reinforce your belief, even though that belief is unfounded.

8. You might fail where otherwise you would have succeeded

If you have convinced yourself that you are in for a day of bad luck, then that will affect how you act for the rest of the day. You might not try as hard as you could at work, or in an exam, and you could lose out because of it.

9. You only remember the times a superstition appears to come true

If you really think about it, there are many occasions where your superstitions have failed you, but you probably only remember the times that they have come true. In fact, the number of times that the number thirteen has cropped up in your life and caused you no problem whatsoever, will far outweigh the times that you have blamed it for something bad happening.

10. Nothing can predict the future

Most superstitions are based on predicting the future in some way, but good luck, wealth and happiness cannot be predicted by anyone or anything. You can however plan and work hard to secure the future that you want and, that is no myth at all.

Stay happy!

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