10 Reasons Why You Should Spend More Money On Experiences

Okay, so you’re loaded with cash. You’ve got so much cash you just don’t know what to do with it. What are the first things you decide to buy? A subscription to Netflix? A new shirt? New shoes? Oh! How about a selfie stick? They’re supposed to be cool!

Well, actually, there are much cooler things you can buy with your money than a device that allows you to take a picture of you and your buddy with your mouths open. For example, you can buy experiences.

See, consumerism is all well and good, but it’s just so fleeting. You buy a new iPhone, and then before you know it, it’s 2016 and it’s time to buy another phone. Products are just temporarily solutions to the voids in your life.

Experiences, on the other hand, are so much more fulfilling and rewarding. Moreover, you get a memory that lasts a lifetime and you actually feel as though you’ve accomplished something. Rather than sitting in front of Netflix for 2 hours waiting for your partner to text you back on your iPhone, whilst gobbling up a big plate of nachos. Hmm.

1. Experiences Can Transform Your Perspective

It’s so easy to live in our little protective bubbles and think that everything is okay with the world. Indeed, it’s all too easy to think that the life we live is the life everyone lives and that this is the way things are supposed to be.

But introducing yourself to new cultures lets you see life in a different way. You get to see a new way of living and a new way of enjoying life. Your eyes are opened to new routines, new desires and needs, and it may – just may – help to change your own perspective on life.

2. You Learn New Skills

Again, when we live in our little protective bubbles, we rarely have to learn any new skills. Most of us learned to drive when we were 17, and we got the hang of cooking when we were even younger. After that, the only things we really need to learn are how to do our jobs.

But if you headed out to a more remote region of the world, it’s possible that you’ll be forced to acquire new skills. There may be places where you’ll need to learn how to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener, or there may be places where you’ll need to learn how to set up your own tent. You might even learn how to wash your clothes without a washing machine!

3. Experiences Create Memories

Sitting around in your pyjamas on a ‘chill day’ doesn’t create memories – experiences do. Although memories are not something tangible that we can actually experience again physically, they are something joyful that we all love to look back on. To make sure that, in a few years’ time, you have something to make you smile when you look back on your life, get out there and take in some fabulous experiences.

4. Experiences Are Challenging

Whatever experience you decide to take on, be it climbing a mountain or learning how to act, you’ll find that it’s a challenge. And in life, there are few things that stimulate us more than challenges. Rather than spend the day moping around the house trying to get your new iPhone to work, why not spend your hard earned cash on something that actually challenges you both mentally and physically? You’ll find that it’s a lot more fun!

5. Experiences Can Introduce You To New Friends

Feeling rather bored of your social circle? Perhaps you’re even beginning to feel slightly lonely, because everyone has grown up, got married and are too busy to hang out these days? This is not a problem if you can head out there on new adventures by yourself.

If you decide to spend your money on a new experience, you are likely to strike up bonds with new friends who share similar interests to you. This just makes experiences even more rewarding, and helps to bring you into contact with a diverse range of cool people.

6. Experiences Can Open Your Mind

Not sure what the deal is with opera? Always thought golf was for middle-class, boring old folk? If you try experiencing something you never thought you ever would, there is a big chance that all your preconceptions will be blown out of the water. It’s easy to think we know everything, but actually getting out there and experiencing something can challenge our preconceptions. Indeed, it can actually lead us to embracing something we never thought we would.

7. Experiences Give You Inspiration

The seminal American beat writer Jack Kerouac spent much of his life out on the open road, and collected his experiences into a number of short novels. He has since developed a huge fan base, because of his honesty and his enthusiasm for a life rich in experiences. People who read his work are inspired to get out there and actually experience life for themselves.

Just like Kerouac, spending money on experiences could inspire you when it comes to your own art. You might be inspired to write about your experiences, or you might even be inspired to produce some art. Or even create a short film!

8. Experiences Can Lead To Your Calling

Not quite sure where your life is headed at the moment? Then you might just need to invest in some experiences. Not all who wander are lost, but some of us who wander are just looking for a bit of guidance. Getting out there and exploring new things might be your ticket to discovering your purpose and passion in life.

9. You Can’t Quantify Experiences

Ever bought a new phone and just thought, “Man, this sucks” ?

We’ve all been there with expensive purchases. Sometimes, material purchases actually give us more misery than they give us joy. The car breaks down after a month. The television doesn’t record that program we wanted it to. The laptop gets a virus. And so on.

Experiences, however, don’t follow the same route. They always stay pleasant. Sure, they might cost you a few $$, but in the long-term, you’ll just grow to love them more and more.

10. Experiences Can Make You Feel Alive

Probably more than anything else, experiences can actually make you feel as though you’re living life. Sitting around at home after another exhausting day at work can make you feel robotic. Heading out and actually doing something makes you feel alive with vigour and boundless joy. There really is no greater thrill than that first foray into the mountains, or that glimpse of an authentic Picasso artwork, or that moment you step off the plane in East Africa.

What do you think about spending money on experiences?

Stay happy!

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