10 Reasons why you should have a ‘dream notebook’

People have been trying to work out why we dream and what our dreams mean for centuries. Dreams can be fun, scary or even enlightening, but most of us forget our dreams within a few seconds after waking up. That’s why some people recommend that you keep a dream journal, so you can record your dreams and try and work out what they mean. If you want to explore your dreams further, then buy a notebook and keep a record of your dreams and here are ten reasons why you would want to.

1. It can help you make decisions

There’s a lot to be said for sleeping on a problem, because whatever else your brain is doing while you sleep, it does seem to sometimes be working on problems for you. A solution to a problem might come to you in a dream, so write it down and you won’t forget it.

3. It can improve your self-awareness

When you dream, your subconscious takes over and, hidden anxieties and fears can come to the fore. Write down your dreams, the moment you wake up and you might discover something about yourself that you hadn’t realised before.

4. Dreams can bring you creative inspiration

There are no boundaries in dreams, so you can see things as you’ve never seen them before. Many artists and writers say that they get inspiration from their dreams, so write them down and you might find the inner artist that is in you.

5. It helps you create a lucid dream

A lucid dream is one in which you can influence what happens and keeping a dream journal can help you to experience this. If you can do it, it’s kind of like being in the best video game that you’ve ever seen!

6. It is very therapeutic

Keeping a note of your dreams means that you get the chance to analyse them and this is used by some therapists to explore people’s inner feelings. Whether or not you believe that dreams have meanings, you’ll be surprised at how easily you can tie down even the weirdest of dreams to something that has happened, or is happening, in your life.

7. The more often you do it, the more you will remember

If you keep a dream journal regularly, you will slowly be able to remember more and more of your dreams. The more you remember, the more fun it is and, the more you might learn about yourself.

8. It gives your brain a good workout

The process of recalling your dreams and then trying to decipher them is a great mental workout for the mind. You are forcing your conscious mind to work with your subconscious and that can be a very enlightening experience.

9. It can keep your dreams alive

Have you ever woken up and thought. Wow, that was a great dream, only to have forgotten by the time you are out of bed? Dreams can be pretty cool, as well as enlightening, so write them down, and enjoy them for longer!

10. It’s fun to do

Recall a dream, while it is still relatively fresh in your mind and you’ll find out just how weird and amazing it was. It can be great fun trying to work out some of the really strange ones and it will give you something to tell your friends about too!

Do you have a ‘dream notebook’?

Stay happy!

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