10 Reasons To Love Yourself For Who You Are

Some of us have a hard time accepting ourselves and loving ourselves for who we are. All too  often, we’re trying to add something to our lives, and we won’t be happy until we’ve made big changes – lost weight, got a new career, and so on. But self love is the basis of all happiness.

How important is self-love? It’s arguably the most important love of all. Without loving ourselves, it’s very hard for us to welcome other people into our lives – let alone love them. For one reason or another, some of us are way too hard on ourselves, preferring to practice self-loathing than self-love. We compare ourselves to others and raise the bar for perfection so high that we’ll never reach it. But have you ever stopped to wonder why you should love yourself and not how? Until you discover your why, self-love will continue to evade you. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons to love yourself for who you are.

You Are All You Have

You can never be anyone else, and this is one of great reasons to love yourself. You have one life and you’re stuck with yourself. So what are you going to do? Spend all your life in a relationship that you hate? Or are you going to try hard and become your own best friend? You have one life and one You. Make it work!

The More Love You Have For Yourself, The More Others Will Love You

The more you pierce holes in the darkness, the more light shines on you. In other words, if you continue to wallow in self-hate, the darkness will continue to cloak you. Worse still, you’ll attract like-minded people just like you who thrive on negativity. If, however, you start to love yourself, a remarkable thing will happen – more love will come to you from other people.

If we look for a romantic partner despite hating ourselves, it will be impossible to find a Prince Charming whose heart is full of love. He just won’t come to us until we’ve learned to surround ourselves with love. Love is like an aura that other people can see. The more you transmit, the more right people will be drawn to you, and it’s one of the most important reasons to love yourself.

Self-Love Promotes A Healthier Body

When we don’t even like ourselves, let alone love ourselves, we don’t care all that much about our physical welfare. Who cares if we pig out on junk food? What does it matter that we’re gaining weight? We look and feel disgusting anyway! Such a mindset goes hand in hand with self-loathing, and it can be really damaging to your health. However, once you learn to love yourself, you’re all of a sudden motivated to take good care of your body. Perhaps you start going to the gym, eat the right foods, and do the right things. You want to look and feel healthy, and you’re careful about what you will and won’t eat. You’ve got a reason to care about your health. Because you love yourself! Isn’t it one of good reasons to love yourself?

You’ll Be Happier!

Who doesn’t want to be happier? It’s a well-known fact that happiness doesn’t start to truly blossom until we start to love ourselves. Once you love yourself, there is no stopping you. The world suddenly becomes a more magical place and you’re sure of your place in it.

You Start To Appreciate Your Good Qualities

When we hate ourselves, we don’t think we have any good qualities. Instead, we’re just focused on criticising ourselves. We hate the way we look, the way we talk, and so on. Once you start to love yourself, however, you start to see how awesome you really are. You appreciate your gifts and talents, and your contributions to the world. You forgo your weaknesses and double down on your strengths, focusing on your kindness, your empathy, your ability to solve problems, and so on. And once you do this, you start playing to your strengths, and it’s one of worthy reasons to love yourself.

You Start Asking For Help

When we don’t believe that we’re worthy of anyone else’s affection let alone our own, we find it hard to ask people for help.

“Why would anyone want to help me?” we lament.

Once you start loving yourself for who you are, you believe that other people want to help you. Inviting other people to help us improves our lives. A lot of the time, we just can’t do it all ourselves. We need assistance. Once you start asking for help, your life will start to move forward at a much faster pace.

Your Optimism Will Take You Forward

Loving who we are makes us fall in love with the whole world. All of a sudden, it’s a beautiful place full of opportunity. We wake up each day and see opportunities as opposed to obstacles. This newfound sense of optimism is another one of great reasons to love yourself, and the whole world will carry you forward. We know life will present challenges. But, so sure of ourselves and our destiny, we know we will overcome all that crosses our path!

You Become Playful

When we don’t love ourselves, we’re hardly known for being the most playful of spirits. We’d rather stay indoors than go outside and have fun. We perhaps want to have fun. But we just can’t bring ourselves to let loose. Loving yourself frees up your inhibitions and you become a happy and playful person, it’s one of fantastic reasons to love yourself. It loosens you up and encourages you to let your hair down. You develop a new sense of freedom and adventure, and your joyful spirit becomes infectious. People want to hang around you!

Someone Is Waiting For You

That’s right – your soulmate and Prince Charming is waiting to receive you. Only, he can’t receive you until the time is right. In other words, he can’t sweep you off your feet and love you until you start loving yourself.

Why Not?!

That’s right! What reason have you got for not wanting to love yourself? You can either be unhappy or happy. It’s your choice!

Do you have other reasons to love yourself? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Stay happy!

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