10 Reasons to let go and start enjoying your life

We all have memories from the past; some are good ones and others might be be bad. Hanging on to those memories is not a bad thing in itself, but if you wind up living in the past, then that will weigh you down. You can’t change the things that have happened to you, so you might as well let it go, so here are ten reasons why you should let go and then, you can start enjoying your life to the full again.

1. Life is for living and it’s for living now

Life is a precious commodity that too many of us take for granted. If you don’t make the most of today, by the time you start living your life, it may be too late. Dwelling on the past is a fruitless exercise, you’re wasting your time, so let go and start enjoying the present moment.

2. Let go of the past and you will feel free

When you carry the past around with you, it’s like having a heavy weight hanging around your shoulders. When you take the decision to unburden yourself of the weight, you will feel free and ready to take on the world!

3. You will start to make better decisions

We all learn from our mistakes and that is how we grow as people. If you live in the past, though, then you can be held back from making right decisions, because you’ll fear that the past will repeat itself. Letting go is like turning over a new page and it lets you make decisions based on the facts, not a fear of the past.

4. You will be able to follow your dreams

If you have one foot in the past, then that is going to stop you following your dreams too. Letting go will give you the freedom to pursue new interests and to develop new passions. Forget what happened before and try something new, it can be an incredibly liberating and exciting experience.

5. You will be able to appreciate every single day more

Letting go will give you the space to be able to see what is going on around you today more clearly. You will be able to enjoy the little pleasures in life that you are probably missing out on right now, because your head is buried in the past.

6. You only get one crack at this thing called life

Not only do you get just one life, you also only get one of each day in that life. That means that if you spend today being held back by your thoughts of the past, that day has gone and been wasted. Let go and you will be able to get something out of every day.

7. You will able to realise your full potential

Hanging on to the past will also hold you back at work. You might miss out on promotions, or not have the courage to go for a new job. Dwelling in the past can make you fear the future, so let go and you will be able achieve far more.

8. You will learn forgiveness, which is a very liberating experience 

Letting go of the past may mean that you have to learn how to forgive and that won’t be a bad thing. That may be forgiving someone else who has hurt you, or forgiving yourself, but either way, once you have forgiven, you will be able to move on.

9. The world has moved on, and so should you

Whatever it is that you are holding on to, the chances are that everyone else has forgotten all about it! You wouldn’t be the first person to be wracked with guilt about something that nobody else can even remember.

10. Practice enjoying toady and you’ll love it!

Life really is too short to be worrying about the past all the time and as ‘tomorrow never comes’, today is what you should be focussing on. It takes a little practice to learn the art of living for today; so the sooner you start, the sooner you will get there.

Do you have other tips on how to let go and how to start enjoying your life?

Stay happy!

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