10 Practical Tips On How To Love Yourself And Be Happier

We all want to be happier. But we can’t find true happiness until we learn how to love ourselves first. In this article, Beauty & Tips offers 10 practical tips on how to love yourself and be happier.

How hard is it to accept other people for who they are? How hard is it to show them love and respect? And how hard is it accept ourselves for who we are? How hard is it to show ourselves love and respect? For many of us, it’s the most difficult thing of all.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re tough on yourself. You have high expectations of what you should look like and how you should behave. And when you don’t meet those expectations, perhaps you get frustrated, annoyed, and start to curse yourself.

Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin is something so many people struggle with. Yet it’s so important that we’re our own cheerleaders and our own best friends. It’s one thing to try to love the world and everyone in it, but unless you love yourself first, you will always fall short of true love, empathy and happiness.

Let’s take a look at 10 practical tips on how to love yourself and be happier.

Praise Your Strengths

Even people who hate themselves will have a few things they like about themselves. It’s not up to us to tell you what you like about yourself or what you should like about yourself – but it’s important that you find your strengths and start focusing on them.

Perhaps you like that you’re such a caring person who would do anything for other people. Perhaps you like that you’re a good listener and a good talker, and that people always turn to you when they need help. Or maybe you like how smart you are at a particular subject.

As the great Italian poet Dante once said, whatever we project into the mirror comes back out at us. In other words, if you start focusing on loving your strengths, your potential will start to flower much more.

Read Something Useful Each Day

Maybe you already read each day. But are you reading the right things? One of great tips on how to love yourself more and be happier is to set aside between 15 – 30 minutes each day to read something related to personal development, to help you grow as a person. This could be anything, from a new skill to how to eat healthier. The more you read, the better you will become as a person.

Learn To Forgive Yourself

Lots of us find it hard to forgive other people – and we find it equally hard to forgive ourselves. A lot of the time, we don’t even realise that we’re being so hard on ourselves. We all make mistakes – we’re only human. You’re just like everyone else. But remember, the past doesn’t define the present. You are not your mistakes.

Learning to forgive yourself will give you a much happier, peaceful state of mind and will allow you to take more risks in the future.

Accept Compliments

Are you the kind of person who responds to a compliment with “you look fab too,” or “stop it, that’s not true”? It’s important to remember that – most of the time at least – people are being sincere with their compliments. If they go out of their way to give you praise, it’s because they mean it.

By not taking their compliment with a “thank you,” you’re a) disrespecting them, and b) you’re not allowing yourself to feel good.

We should use compliments as our references. If people often tell us we look good, perhaps we actually do!

Be Grateful

This is one of the most important tips on how to love yourself. Grateful people are happy people. They appreciate the fact that it’s a miracle they’re even alive in the first place. They don’t focus on the things they don’t have but on the things they have – health, family, friends, potential, sunsets, sunrises and all kinds of other small miracles.

Eat Healthily

Another practical tip on how to love yourself more is to eat healthy. As well as flooding your body with essential nutrients that boost your health, eating clean also makes you feel happier simply because you know you’re eating well. Eat an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Add wonderful colours to your diet. Boost your mood with good food that you know is improving your welfare and vibrancy.

Remember That You’re On A Journey

One of the reasons why some of us find it so hard to accept, respect and love ourselves is because we have such a high bar of what being perfect is. And the truth is that we’ll probably never be as perfect as we want to be.

And so we hate that we got a 95 instead of a 98 on an exam. We hate that our measurements aren’t quite what we expect them to be.

We know it’s hard, but it’s important right now that you both lower the bar for perfection and remember that you’re on a journey.

Appreciate where you are right now. Maybe you’ve not reached the summit yet, but you know what? Few people ever do. All of us are on our own personal journeys, and we should spend more time appreciating how far we’ve already come.

There is so much to learn on your journey and so many obstacles to overcome. Shift focus from your perfect ideals onto the path you are treading right now.

Have Fun

The easiest way to be happy? Allow yourself to have some FUN.

Relax. Take a day off from being conservative. Do something crazy. You’ll love it.

Say No To People

One of good tips on how to love yourself more is to learn to say No when you need to. Just because you say No to people, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you’re focused on your own life and happiness right now.

Saying Yes to people too often means we give up our own right to be happy. If there is something you really don’t want to do and know it clashes with your own plans and goals, be assertive enough to say No. It’s your right.

Remember, your happiness is at stake here.

Quit The Criticism

Finally, quit with the criticism. It doesn’t change anything. It just makes you feel lousy.

Do you have other tips on how to love yourself?

Stay happy!

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