10 Powerful words that confident and successful people always use

How to develop self confidence? how successful people think? It’s truly amazing how just a single word can convey confidence and power, so ask yourself – what are the words that you use most? Are they noncommittal words like: maybe, sometimes, nearly, or would you say: definitely, always and exactly? The words that you use say as much about the type of person that you are, as your clothes and your body language. Build these ten powerful words into your vocabulary, the same ones that confident and successful people use every single day:

1. I can do that

A confident person never thinks that they might be able to do something; they know that they can do it. If you know that you can do something, then say so, don’t hedge your bets with a vague answer like: ‘I could probably do that’.

2. I will be there at 09.00am

Confidence runs through everything for a successful person, even to them having the confidence that will turn up for a meeting or a date on time. They do not arrange to meet at around 9.00am, they will be there at 09.00am.

3. I have decided to make a career change

Successful people know that making a decision is always better, than making no decision at all, even if that decision turns out to be the wrong one. If they feel that they are in a dead end job, then they will decide to look for another one, not just think about looking.

4. I always finish what I start

A person with a firm, confident and positive attitude is never half hearted about what they do and they set themselves positive goals and targets. These are not things that they sometimes or mostly achieve, these are things that they always aim to achieve.

5. I am confident that will succeed

The clue is in the title, as they often say, and confident and successful people will often use those very words. Success is nothing to be ashamed or bashful about and these people are confident that they will achieve it.

6. I will not let you down

A confident person is just as adamant about what they won’t do, as they are about what they will. They are not afraid to say ‘no’, when a ‘no’ is required and they certainly won’t say ‘I will do my best’. They are far more definite about their intentions, than that. If they promise something, they make sure to do it.

7. I know that you can do it

These people are just as forthright in the faith in other people too. They will encourage others with their positive messages and they would never say to a friend: “I think you can”, it will always be: “I surely know you can”.

8. I will definitely make that deadline

Everything is a definite, in the vocabulary of a confident person, because they wouldn’t commit to something that they can’t do. If they do fall behind schedule, then they will work through the night to prove that, when they say definitely, they never mean maybe.

9. I want to go on a date with you

Successful people never beat around the bush, they will say what they want and they won’t be overly fazed by a refusal. If they want a date, then they will ask for one. There will be no ‘would you mind’, ‘if you’re not too busy’ or ‘if it’s not too much trouble’ type of preamble.

10. I love you

There is confidence in everything that a successful person does and that includes their private lives, as well as their work. They are not afraid to state their feelings clearly, so when they say, ‘I love you’, you can be sure that they mean it. That’s confidence.

What are other powerful words that confident and successful people always use ?

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Stay happy!

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  1. Shanon Staton
    August 17, 2017 at 2:51 am

    I also agree about the power of the words, words create reality and have a vibration! Thank you for sharing such powerful tips!

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