Detox your world: 10 Powerful tips on how to detox your life

Detoxing your life can be many different things. You might think, when you see the word detox, of a resolution never to drink alcohol again, or of a diet consisting of little more, than water and green vegetables for a week. To detox your whole life though, you need to consider detoxing your home, your mind and even your relationships, as well. If you feel that your mind and your body needs a clean start, then read ten ways to detox your whole life:

1. Start with a detox of your home

Detox isn’t all about cleaning out the nasty chemicals; you can also start by de-cluttering your home. Just as chemical toxins can have a negative effect to the way the body works, so a cluttered home can impact on the way that you live or work. Have a good clean-out of the old junk that you don’t need. Detox your home and you’ll find it easier to find things, and life will become a little more relaxed.

2. Treat your finances to a detox too

Your finances can be one of the biggest causes of stress and often that is, simply, because we don’t take control of them. Setting out a budget and rearranging finances aren’t exactly an exciting prospect, but if you take the time to do it, you can remove a load of stress from your life.

4. Read the labels

Check the labels carefully on all the products that you buy, from what you eat to what you put on your hair. Many of the toxins that come into our bodies can be avoided altogether by buying organic food where you can and using beauty products that only contain natural ingredients.

5. Avoid the ‘voluntary’ toxins

It’s bad enough with all the hidden toxins in foods and other products, without taking in the toxins that you know are bad for you as well! Smoking, drinking alcohol and overdoing the coffee, can all put pressure on your body and can lead to avoidable health problems, so cut them down or cut them out and save yourself from the unnecessary toxins.

6. Detox your thoughts with positive mental attitude

Thoughts can be toxic as well, especially the negative ones. Try and keep negative thoughts from your mind, they tend just breed more, and replace them with positive ones instead. Take the decision to nurture positive thoughts and don’t let the negative ones take over, and you will feel a whole lot better for it.

7. Switch to more natural cleaning products

Even the cleaning products that you use in your home can create toxins, which can enter your body. Instead of bleach and chemical disinfectants, try using natural alternatives like tea tree oil, vinegar and soap, and you will remove some more toxins from your life, as well as the grime.

8. Detox your social life

Ditch the so called ‘frenemies’ and just concentrate on your real friends; it will make your life a lot easier. Double guessing people’s intentions and words is just a waste of effort, so purge the bad friends from your circle, you won’t miss them at all; the real friends will stand by you.

9. Detox your habits

Think about the things that you do, and you later regret. You will soon have a list of habits that were to your drop, and if you ditch them, you would be far less stressed and much happier. Do you commit yourself to do things that you can’t possibly do, leaving everything to the last minute? Do you never leave enough time to enjoy yourself? If this is you, then it’s time to detox your life and remove these habits forever.

10. How to detox your body?

And, of course, you can detox your body. This shouldn’t be a once a year routine, when you feel a bit guilty! This should be a constant process. Eat healthy and natural foods, exercise and drink plenty of pure water and your body will naturally rid itself of the harmful toxins.

Do you have some other tips on how to detox your life?

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Stay happy!

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