10 Perfect responses to give someone who shames you for being overweight

So called ‘body shaming’ seems to be something of a trend these days, it’s when people deliberately try to make another person feel ashamed of their body. It can be directed at thin people, or overweight people, and it is a nasty, cruel and heartless fad that is aimed at the rich and famous, as much as it is aimed at ordinary people. If you ever find yourself the target of such comments, then remember that it’s people who say these things that should be ashamed, not you. If you have the courage to use them, here are ten great responses to fire back at someone who tries to shame you for being overweight.

1. Just laugh

People who do things like this are often just showing off in front of their friends, so the best thing to do is to not even dignify their comment with a response. They are trying to get a reaction out of you, so just laugh right back at them and walk away.

2. “Yeah, and you lack inner beauty, but I can diet”

Some people might say that you should never seek a confrontation, but sometimes, something just has to be said. Tell them that are perfectly right, but you could be different if you chose to be and remind them that there is nothing that they can do to fix their problems. A taste of their own medicine might even be good for them.

3. “I might be big, but I won’t be sleeping alone tonight!”

There are plenty of guys out there who love big girls, so what is there to be ashamed of? The chances are that it’s the name caller who is the lonely one, or they wouldn’t feel the need to pick on someone else. You could get lucky with this response and really hit a nerve. Now, wouldn’t that be sweet revenge!

4. “I didn’t hear your boyfriend complaining last night”

You have to have some bottle to pull this one off, but get it right and this is a real “right back at ya” response to a fat shame comment. It usually is the insecure people that resort to making rude comments about other people, so why not sow some seeds of doubt in their minds, they deserve it.

5. “Guess what, I’m also healthy, happy and content”

Some people think that just because you are overweight, you must be unhappy about it, so tell them that you are happy and perfectly content with the way you are and put them straight on this. The only person you have to answer to is yourself, not some ignorant, cruel stranger hurling insults at you.

6. “You really should stop talking to yourself”

Actually, very few people are the, so called, perfect weight for their height, so hot back with this comment and you’ll probably have the person checking themselves out in the mirror when they get home.

7. “I’d rather be fat than silly”

Silly is probably one of the nicer words that we could think of to describe people who mock others, because of their appearance, but silly will do the trick for now. A person who can go as low as to mock someone in what could be a hurtful way is the type of person who lacks the intelligence to feel good about themselves in other, more constructive ways.

8. “..and I’ve got two kids and lived a full life. What about you?”

Let’s be honest. Life does take its toll on your body if you have lived life to the full, and there is nothing in that to be ashamed of. There was recently a trend on social media sites of mums posting pictures of themselves in bikinis, showing off their stretch marks and slightly sagging tums. More power to them, we say!

9. “Well spotted, at least there’s nothing wrong with your eyes”

Give them a prize for observation and don’t pretend that you are not what you are. They can’t really comment any more when you agree them and give them a backhanded compliment along with it. If you can get the tone of voice right, you can even suggest that their eyes are the only thing that is in good working order.

10. “Oh dear, are we having a bad day?”

Well, you have to feel sorry for these poor, misguided people who resort to name calling. After all, they must lead pretty mundane and boring lives, if the only way they can entertain themselves is to try and hurt someone else.

How to stop bullying and body shaming? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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