10 New Year’s resolutions that people usually break

Most people set out with all the best intentions when they make their New Year’s resolutions, but a lot of people never see them through. Is it a lack of willpower that makes people fail, or is it the way they approach the task in hand? The biggest reason that people fail to keep to their New Year’s resolutions is that they start off on the wrong foot. For a resolution to succeed you need to be determined and you must really want it to happen. Here are ten of the New Year’s resolutions that lots of people say they will stick to, but usually break.

1. Get a new job

The problem with resolving to get a new job is that it takes time. It’s no good sending out a few CVs in the beginning of January and then giving up because you don’t get instant success. Unless you are really lucky, it could take months to find the right job for you, so, if this is going to be your New Year’s resolution, you will need to persevere if you want to see it through.

2. Work out more

Health clubs and gyms see huge increases in attendance in January, but by March, attendance levels will have returned to normal. The best way to make sure you stick to your work out resolution is to keep track of your own success. Make a note of the times that you do work out, and the times that you don’t, and your workout journal will help you keep to your exercise schedule.

3. Read more

Christmas also sees a major increase in the number of books that are bought, but many of those books never get read. If you want to learn more about the world, reading is the best way to do it, so put aside a set time for reading and switch off your phone and other devices, because the biggest thing that gets in the way of your reading more will be distractions.

4. Stop smoking

If your plan is to give up smoking this year, then we have some good news, and some bad. The good news is that, despite the addictive nature of nicotine, research has proven that quitting smoking is actually no harder than any other resolution to keep. The bad news is that most smokers take five or more attempts at quitting before they finally succeed. The simple message here is, don’t quit quitting.

5. Lose weight

While losing weight will no doubt be one of the most common New Year’s resolutions again this year, the number of people who are overweight or obese is still on the increase in a lot of countries. One of the reasons that people so often don’t stick to this resolution is that they fail to include exercise in their weight loss plans. Dieting alone is rarely enough, so increase the amount of exercise you take as well, and you will see results a lot quicker.

6. Stop biting your nails

Habits like biting your nails are a lot harder to break than you might imagine. The reason why this type of resolution is so difficult to keep is that habits like these become so ingrained that we don’t even notice when we are doing it. You will probably need a reminder not to bite your nails, so paint your nails with some bitter tasting product designed for the purpose and that will give you the reminder you need.

7. Eat more healthy food

It is estimated that only a third of the population of America eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables, so it’s no wonder that this is a resolution that is often broken. Instead of trying to go vegan overnight, try just substituting some of your snacks for a piece of fruit or adding an extra portion of vegetables to your meals. If you make substitutions gradually, you will barely notice that you are missing out on some of your favourite unhealthy treats.

8. Save more money

Putting more money aside for a rainy day is a great idea, but if you haven’t thought it through, it can be a hard resolution to stick to. You will need to sit down and work a budget, and work out where all your money is going now. It will take more effort than just resolving to do it on New Year’s Eve.

9. Do more for charity

Resolving to do more for charity is a very noble resolution, but one that is easily forgotten later. The best way to make sure you stick to this one is to set up a regular payment to your favourite charity. That way, you won’t even have to think about it again, but you will be doing your bit to help others.

10. Declutter your life

Saying you will go through your cupboards and get rid of all the things you don’t need, is a lot easier than actually doing it. You will just have to be tough and stick to this resolution, and not get caught up in all the sentimental memories. Plan to give as much of your clutter to charity as you can, and that will give you the added incentive to get the job done.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Stay happy!

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