10 Must-know ways to infuse your life with gratitude

When you bring gratitude into your life, it can transform your view of the world around you, as you begin to see how life isn’t quite as bad, as you might have thought. You learn to take a more balanced view of the things that happen to you and you start to become more optimistic about your prospects. To be effective, though, your gratitude needs to be sincere, so read these ten tips and find out how you can infuse your life with gratitude.

1. Start with the very simple things

You can start to learn to be more grateful just by opening your eyes and looking around you. The new shoots on the trees in spring, the sunset in the evening, even the rain that brings new life to your garden and to the crops in the fields; these are all things that we should be grateful for, but rarely ever take much notice of.

2. Look back in a positive way

Often, when you take a look back into your past you will find that things nearly always do turn out better than expected. The relationship that broke down that meant you met a new guy who you happily settled down with, the loss of a job that meant you moved on to a more interesting new career…We can even be grateful for the things that go wrong, because they often open doors to things that turn out to be great!

3. Just say ‘thank you’ more often

You can make gratitude become a habit and you can start by just saying ‘thank you’ more often. Don’t just rush out of a store without saying a word; say ‘thank you’ to the person that served you, and thank the guy who held open the door for you too. Make a point of saying ‘thank you’ to at least ten people every day, and you will be amazed at how it can lighten your own day and mood.

4. Surprise someone with a ‘thank you gift’

If someone does you a good turn, then thank them with a small gift in return. You don’t need to go overboard with this, but, if someone at work helps you out with a tough job, the least you can do is buy them a cup of coffee.

5. Keep a gratitude journal

There is a lot written about the power of keeping a gratitude journal, but you have to take it seriously if you want it to work. Don’t just jot down anything. Sit down and think of five things in the day that have happened that you can be truly grateful for and, make it sincere.

6. Place reminders around your home

Place positive written reminders around your home of what you have to be grateful for. Photos of loved ones or reminders of great times in the past and simple notes to remind you to say ‘thank you’. This is a simple way to make gratitude an ingrained part of your life.

7. Do a good deed for the day

Make a point to try and do at least one good deed for another person, every day. It’s a bit of cliché, but, if you do help a blind person to cross the road, you really will appreciate your own eyesight more.

8. Express your gratitude at meal times

Some people say prayers at meal times and express their gratitude in that way. You don’t need to be overly religious though, to adopt this approach. After all, we should all be grateful for the food we have to eat, so mealtimes are the ideal opportunity to be grateful for other things too.

9. Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ in texts and in emails

Emails and texts can be so impersonal, so why not lighten the tone a bit and say ‘thank you’ in your electronic communication too. A simple: ‘Thanks for getting in touch’ or, ‘Thanks for lunch, it was great’, it’s only a few little words and it will take only seconds to do.

10. Wake up and go to bed with a ‘thank you’

Start every day with a thank you for another day and end every day by looking back at the great things that happened that you can be grateful for. Good things do happen every day, all you’ve got to do is see them and say: ‘Thanks for that’, and smile…

Stay happy!

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