10 Must-know tips on how to stop procrastinating and start living a more fulfilled life

Delays are not always excusable, especially when they affect or impede your future. So, many people repeatedly put off actions and avoid bold decisions in their lives. What holds you back? One day later is a lost day. Check our ‘go-getter’ list of tips and set off to fulfill your most unbelievable aspirations!

Wake up early

Do not waste time. Sleeping well is essential to your daily routine – you need to recharge – but oversleeping will not take you anywhere. Get off bed before everyone else, take a shower, have breakfast and workout. Your day will be a lot more productive!


Probably you have many things to do, but that should not tangle you in a chaotic introspection. Just put them down on paper in the order that best describes your needs. Place the hardest ones on top, or better alternate them with others that are easier, so as to give your actions a balance. Concentrate all your inner forces to accomplish your most sacred mission first!

Recover from one mission to another

Take a break to appreciate your most recent endeavor or success before going to the next. You need to realize what you’ve achieved so far so as to stay motivated.

Get organized

You don’t have to rush into things without plan and ultimately be all over the place, with no sound result. Efficiency should be your ultimate value. Orchestrate your actions and daily obligations so as to have a smooth transition from one to another. Organize them in terms of location, duration, degree of difficulty, and urgency. Keep an easy-to-read-and-follow calendar online with notifications that will keep you on track.

Set realistic goals

It’s good to ‘think big’ and be a dreamer but you should not outrun your actual abilities and resources. Think both short-term and long-term. It’s great to look at the details and be a perfectionist, but never lose the big picture. Focus on your goals but make sure they are not that many.

Take small risks and test your limits

You don’t need to exaggerate but you should maintain an adventurous spirit. Try new things, experiment, push yourself a bit and see your actual ‘capacity’. It’s all about self-awareness. There are so many people who don’t really a have a clear view of their potential.

Keep on smiling

Maintaining a positive attitude towards life will encourage you to do more, overcome adversities and get friends or relatives on board, to support you and help you with your dreams. You need to inspire others with your determination, dynamism and optimism.

Before denying an opportunity, get to know its components

Do your research, check the prerequisites and the typical qualifications it requires. Skip it for sound reasons; otherwise you might always be left with a ‘what if’ at the back of your mind.

Perfect timing is a logical fallacy

On many occasions you postpone things because you believe ‘it’s not the right moment’. Quite often your judgment about timing is vague and based on speculations about somebody’s current mood or possible reaction. You wait until things get mature and finally you lose the opportunity. Trial-and-error is always a better approach. Just do it, and if not in tune, just wait a bit and follow up.

Unreasonable delay to get things done doesn’t always apply on hard tasks and impossible missions

Sometimes you postpone things that are very easy, trivial, boring or to your eyes ‘achievable’. Being capable of doing something is often misinterpreted as having done it. As days pass by, you are still convinced that you can get away with it, any time. Being a ‘bohème’ sounds charming but traditionally puts you in trouble.

Indecision is a trait that holds you back from personal fulfillment

Put enough thought on your pending issues and set your mind on the decisions that will serve you best. Talk to yourself, maintain the dialogue, and also process the opinions of others on a given topic. Do not avoid your worries and anxieties; just discuss them, face them and make sure you can handle them. Analyze every aspect of your life as well as your natural tendency towards things. Cure your insecurities, and work hard to create a solid personality.

Being an overachiever is not always the ideal

Our culture promotes and rewards extraordinary effort but at the same time conceals the actual implications of regularly going well beyond your limits. Sooner or later, the champions of ‘the perfect life’ crush down, physically and emotionally, letting down all those who invested on their superpowers! Undertaking way more responsibilities than you can afford, will soon lead you to delay things you’ve promised. You overestimated your abilities and failed to meet deadlines. You need to touch base with reality!

Do you have other tips on how to stop procrastinating and start living a more fulfilled life?

Stay happy!

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  1. Jeanne
    March 20, 2018 at 6:47 am

    Great tips! Waking up early is the hardest for me to do but it does help a lot!


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