10 Must-Know Tips On How To Become Your Own Role Model

Tired of looking for role models elsewhere? The best way to hold yourself accountable is by becoming your own role model. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how to do just that.

When we’re young and a little unsure of ourselves and our place in the world, we look for guidance from others. Faced with a tough decision to make, we ask ourselves “what would such-and-such a person do in my situation?” This is where role models come in. Role models have the values we look up to. They’ve got experience, had success and are living the kind of virtuous life we admire. We might not be on their level just yet, and we might not agree with everything they do, but we look to them to give us a steady footing when the ground we’re walking on is a little shaky. Role models provide guidance, answers to questions and can help to shape our reality and our sense of who we are. However, it’s important to remember that we are not our role models. Moreover, while role models are often accountable to us and know that a serious error of judgement could influence us in a negative way, we are not accountable to our role models. As such, we are freer to make mistakes and do questionable things. This is why it’s so important that you become your own role model. Once you do this, you’ve got someone to be accountable towards. You don’t want to let yourself down. Let’s take a look at 10 must-know tips on how to become your own role model.

Take Responsibility

When something goes wrong and it was your fault, do you accept responsibility? Or do you pass the blame onto someone else? Passing the blame is childish and demonstrates immaturity, but it also means you don’t get the chance to grow and learn from your mistakes. Leaders take responsibility for their own mistake, and for the mistakes of their team. By owning up to their errors, they are giving themselves a chance to learn from their mistakes. Accept blame. Accept you did something wrong and then learn how to eradicate these mistakes from your game.

Accept Failure

Reacting badly to failure is another sign that you haven’t matured yet. When someone reacts badly to the first sign of failure, gives up and says: “I’ll never be good enough,” they’re not letting failure be their teacher. Failure builds character, but it also gives us the chance to iron out mistakes. Everyone fails, even the most successful people of all time. Failures are what teach us valuable lessons about how we need to do things differently. Accept that failure is an inevitable part of the journey. Use what it teaches you and move on.

Be Dependable

Do you want to be the person who lets others down? We didn’t think so. Be the person others and yourself can depend upon. Set personal goals and achieve them. Make good on your promises to other people. Being dependable is a good quality to have. It improves your relationships and cuts out the kind of inconsistent behaviour that prevents us from achieving our goals.

Be Proud

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but there is a difference between being excessively proud of your own abilities and taking pride in your work. And it’s the latter that will help you to become your own role model. Taking pride in our work sets a good example to ourselves, as well as to others. It sets precedents and ensures we never do a sloppy job. We don’t want to let ourselves down.

Set Standards

When you set high standards for yourself and start meeting them, your life starts to improve. Let’s imagine that you decide to brush your teeth 3 times a day instead of twice a day from now on. If you set this high standard for yourself and stick to it, you’re setting yourself a good example. Maintain high standards and define what you will not tolerate. The more you adhere to these high standards, the more you won’t want to let them slip.

Respect Yourself

Wear your best clothes, take a shower each day and look after your body by eating right and exercising.

Work Hard

There is a major fallacy going around that successful people are in someway more talented than those who haven’t quite made it yet. But as the successful people will themselves admit, this isn’t quite true. Instead, what often separates a successful person from an unsuccessful one is that the former took action, while the latter didn’t. Hard work can get you a lot of places. Work ethic is indeed one of our biggest virtues. Work hard, don’t be lazy and you will achieve great things, while becoming your own best role model.

Accept Consequences

If you make a mistake and have to pay for it, pay for it. Atone. Make amends. Accept punishment. If you shirk from the consequences, hide away and avoid them, you’re hardly setting yourself a good example. Instead, you’re displaying an immaturity that will prevent you from strengthening your character and improving as a person. Moreover, if you can’t accept consequences, you might start to shy away from making decisions.

Identify Your Values

You can’t be your own role model until you know what your values are. Spend some time writing down your values and then use these as your guide whenever you need to make a big decision.

Show Loyalty

Loyalty is another huge virtue that more people need to learn in our modern epoch where we can de-friend someone at the touch of a button. With so many people to choose from and so much to do, staying loyal is becoming harder and harder to do.

That said, it shouldn’t be difficult. Being loyal to friends is the least a friend can expect from us. If you’re loyal to people, you’re setting yourself and others an emphatic example.

Stay happy!

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