10 Life Saving Tips For When Your Life Gets Too Crazy

Life can sometimes get out of control. Winners respond in the right way. Let’s take a look at 10 life saving tips for when your life gets too crazy.

Many of us in 2017 are living our lives at a million miles per hour. While this can seem like a whole lot of fun at first, it can causes stress and anxiety.

And stress especially is a known contributor to a number of physical problems, including heart diseases, weight issues, and even auto-immune disorders.

The thing is, what can we do? This is just the way life is. We’re busy people. We’ve got a meeting in the office at 10, a Skype call at 11, a presentation at 1, and we’re interviewing someone for a job at 2.

Work itself probably isn’t going to stop until midnight, and even then we’ll still be replying to emails at 1am.

And then there’s the weekend. We’ve arranged to meet four different friends, we’ve still got some work to do, and our boyfriend is probably the on who’s gotta miss out.

When life gets too crazy, we miss out on all the small pleasures. We’re too busy to enjoy a sunrise, have no time for a weekend vacation, and we haven’t seen our nephew and niece for weeks and weeks. It sucks.

Is this really the way things are meant to be? Or is there a way out?

There totally is a way out! Let’s take a look at 10 life saving tips for when your life gets too crazy.

Stop Multitasking

“They who chase two rabbits catch none.”

     – Confucius

Confucius knew that even doing two tasks at the same time is futile. But how many of us are try to juggle three or four tasks at any one time? Quite a few!

Women have been told somewhere along the line that we’re really good at multitasking. But this is just not true.

And before you query whether guys are better than us at doing more than one task at the same time, let’s hit you with some knowledge: No one is good at multitasking!

Yep, multitasking just means we get even more stressed. It means we’re not fully focused on any task at all, which consequently means we fall behind with all of our tasks.

From now on, focus on just one task at a time. Don’t move on from it until it’s all done.

Take Action

Your life might have got a bit crazy recently because you fell behind with things. Now is the time to get back on track. Find out what motivates you and take action.

Perhaps you could give yourself a reward for catching up with tasks and clearing up your busy schedule. Maybe once you’re all caught up, you could go on a weekend break! Lovely!

Make A To Do List

The great thing about a to-do list is that, not only does it give you a schedule from which to work, it also shows you the things you’re doing that actually add no value to your life.

Write down the things you need to do, and then list them in order of priority. There will be tasks on this list that don’t really add much value to your life right now. So what do you do? You cut them from the team!

Write up a to-do list and cut anything that\’s costing you time, causing you stress, and which isn’t even worth doing.

Take A Break

Hey, we’re all entitled to take a break now and then. If life is getting too much work, ask your boss if you could take your vacation early. Or tell your clients that you’ll be back in a week.

Go For Walks

How many hours do you spend cooped up in your office at any one time? If you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably spend pretty much your entire day in an office, and the only moment of sunlight you’re getting after arriving at the building is when you leave nine or more hours later.

This can create a feeling of being hemmed in. Moreover, you’re missing out on valuable fresh air an sunshine, two things which can settle your nerves and calm you down.

Try to take a brief walk outside whenever you can. Just five to ten minutes is usually enough for us to calm down and recollect our thoughts.

Switch Of All Distractions

For at least one day only, you’re going to spend the day switched off. No phone, no laptop, no anything. Just you and plenty of peace of mind. You deserve it and need it.

Spend Time With The People Your Life

If life is getting out of hand, there’s nothing better than taking solace in the people we love.

Remember when you were little and went to your mom for comfort when you were ill? You can still do it now.

Be Grateful

Being grateful is a fantastic way to calm ourselves down and remind ourselves of how far we’ve come.

Take a few moments to stop doing what you’re doing and chasing what you’re chasing, and just focus on how far you’ve already come and the great things you have in your life.

So many of us are focused on what we’re missing that we forget to take some time-out to appreciate what we already have.

Learn To Say No To People

Are you literally the worst at saying No to people? If so, it could be one of the reasons your life seems to be getting a bit to crazy at the moment.

We understand why someone says Yes to people a lot. We don’t want to upset them, and we know we can find time for them somewhere if we just look a bit harder.

The more you say Yes, the more your problems mount. And the less time you’ll have to yourself to just relax.

Listen, it’s absolutely okay to say No to people. It’s even okay to say No to your friend who really needs a babysitter tonight. Sometimes, your needs must come first. You’re not obligated to save the world. Think of yourself sometime and do what’s right for you. And you don’t have to give a reason why you can’t help. Just saying No is more than enough.

Eat Healthily

It’s very important during times of stress that stay healthy. Avoid junk food and eat plenty of fruit and veg.

Stay happy!

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