10 life changing tips on how to make your life better 

It’s no secret that happy people are more effective in their lives. If you’re lacking in motivation and need a little more positivity in your life, read this article on the 10 things you can start doing right now to improve your life:

1. Recognize negative thoughts

Self-doubt and fear are normal parts of life and they’re not always something you can control. What you can do, however, is recognise negative thoughts for what they are. When you find self-defeating thoughts popping into your head, you can stop and tell yourself that it’s just an automatic, illusional negative thought, not reality. Remind yourself that it’s normal to feel that way sometimes, but also that thinking it doesn’t make it true.

2. Be nice to others

This is probably not going to surprise you, but being nice to others will make you feel good and you’ll be happier in your own life. Not only that, but if you treat others with respect, they’re more likely to treat you the same way.

3. Be kind to others in your own mind

This point combines the first two tips. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about other people, you’re going to bring yourself down. If a nasty thought pops into your head, just recognize it and say to yourself that everyone is human and we all deserve respect, and then move on.

4. Be thankful for what you already have

It’s natural to want things out of life. We set goals and work in order to get where we want to be next, so it can be easy to forget to be thankful for what you’ve already got. The problem with this, if you forget to be grateful, is that it means you’ll never be satisfied, no matter how many goals you complete.

5. Enjoy the present

When you live too much in the past, it’s impossible to focus on the present. If you spend all your time thinking about the future, you’ll never appreciate what you have now. Try to do things just for the enjoyment of doing them and make sure you have fun each day.

6. Relax

A lot of people might argue that they don’t have time to relax, but the fact is, taking time out to refresh is one of  the most efficient things you can do for your wellbeing. You’ll get more done when you are working, if you don’t feel burnt out all the time.

7. Avoid junk food or, at least, avoid too much of it

This has nothing to do with weight loss, but if that is something you’re hoping to achieve, then it can be a bonus. Junk food can be a treat and not something to feel guilty about enjoying, but when it becomes an all the time thing, it can be a problem. Too much sugar destroys your ability to concentrate and drains you of your energy. Try satisfying your sweet tooth by eating more fruit or dried fruit instead.

8. Move around

Exercising is not everyone’s thing, but if you keep still too often, you’ll end up sore and stressed out by the end of the day. Just going for little walks, getting up to stretch or tidying up in short bursts throughout the day, rather than all at once, can make you feel much fresher by the end of the day.

9. Start small

Break down things you want to achieve into smaller, more manageable tasks and write them down. That way, you’ll feel like you’re getting more done, as you’re able to cross each thing off. Accomplishing worthwhile goals is the best way to stay motivated.

10. Get enough sleep

This is another one of those things some people claim they don’t have time for, but again, you can’t afford not to get proper sleep. If you’re well rested, your whole day is going to be better and you’re going to be a lot more efficient.

How to make your life better? Do you have some other tips?

Stay happy!

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