10 Inspiring Ideas To Boost Your Self Love

Loving yourself is the first step towards happiness. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 inspiring ideas to boost your self love.

In fact, both happiness and love itself starts with self love. If you can’t show yourself respect, shower yourself with kindness and compliments, or love yourself for who you are, it becomes really hard to let other people love you. You become guarded, you erect barriers and as such it’s difficult for love to find you.

It’s simple: The more love you give, the more love will find you. And it all starts with YOU and how you treat yourself. Of course, loving ourselves isn’t always easy. We’ve all had days where we’ve been quick to judge ourselves, criticising ourselves for a mistake and coming down hard on ourselves for failing at something. But this kind of self-loathing is harmful in the long run. Let’s take a look at 10 inspiring ideas to boost your self love!

Change Your Language

What kind of language do you use when talking about yourself?

When we don’t love ourselves, we have a tendency to use emotionally intense, negative words. For example, we might call ourselves “gross” or “disgusting.” Or maybe we’ll call ourselves “total failures” who “may as well give up” just because we failed to land a job. Such intense language creates powerful emotions and makes us feel certain ways. We become the language we use. For a happier life, it’s a good idea to swap the intense, emotionally charged negative language for positive pep-talk. Instead of calling ourselves gross and disgusting, we should simply say that we’ve looked better. Instead of being so defeatist and dramatic after a job interview, we should say that maybe we need to prepare better next time. The language you use creates your reality and can determine how much you love yourself. Swap the negative talk for positive talk. Ditch the intense words for less intense ones. If you call yourself disgusting you will start to feel disgusting. At which point it becomes very difficult to love oneself.

Ignore Your Inner Critic

You’ve been listening to your inner critic for way too long. It’s time to shut it down and break free from this dissenting killer of dreams.

Look After Yourself

It’s very hard to experience self love, when we can’t even look after ourselves.

Each day, you should write down what you put into your body. If you’re eating lots of meat, sugar, dairy and lots of junk food, you should start to question how much damage you are doing to your body. If you loved yourself, would you be destroying yourself like that? Probably not. Improve your diet. Eat clean. Eat fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes. Go for long walks, breathe healthy air into your lungs.

Give Yourself A Reason

A lot of time, before we can figure out how to love ourselves, we have to figure out why we should love ourselves. Find your true purpose for being here on earth and you’ll find that you suddenly need to start loving yourself. For example, mom’s need to love themselves for the sake of their children. The more you love yourself, the more you driven you will be to achieve your purpose – and vice versa.


Exercise is often the one thing many of us are refuse to do. But is it a case of not wanting to do it or not being able to do it? For many of us, it’s a case of the former. If you’re out of shape at the moment, it could be the real reason why you’re finding it hard to feel self love. To exercise, you don’t need to buy a gym membership. You could do it at home! All you need is a mat, some weights and some free YouTube videos to get started.


Some people think that meditation is a waste of time, and that it’s just new-age, hippy nonsense. But it isn’t. And if you think it is, you need to change your mindset. The purpose of meditation is to clear your mind of thoughts so that you are able to approach the day with a fresh, open mind. This kind of freshness is amazing. Try it. Remove the thoughts that are clogging your mind and see if you don’t start to fall in love with the world and yourself all over again.

Practice Gratitude

Each morning, before you even leave bed, you could spend around three minutes going over in your head all the things you’ve got in your life that you should be more grateful for. Count your blessings and say prayers for your health, your family, the roof over your head, the warm bed you’re lying in, the cup of coffee you’ll soon be drinking, the marvellous opportunities you have in life, the country you’re living in, the friends you have, and so on. Practicing gratitude like this puts us into the right frame of mind for the day ahead. It makes us realise how wonderful life is, and how thankful we should be for being a part of it. It makes us feel love and loved. It helps us to fall in love with the world, and with ourselves.

Be Your Best Cheerleader

Why do we always wait for other people to cheer us on? Why don’t we just root for ourselves? The most successful people sure do! Instead of seeking for and waiting for validation from other people, become your biggest cheerleader. Root for yourself, compliment yourself. Start to big yourself up!

Don’t Be A Realist

Successful people tend to love themselves. Successful people also aren’t realists. If they were, the would never have set themselves such big, unrealistic goals in the first place. Don’t be a realist. Instead, be a dreamer. Discard thoughts steeped in reality that disempower, and instead focusing on empowering thoughts. Not as smart as someone else? Don’t admit it! Say instead that you are the smartest! Don’t look as good as your friend? Don’t say it! Empower yourself instead!

Quit The Perfectionism

Lastly, you know what can really kill off self love? A constant need to be perfect. You will NEVER achieve perfection. Quit trying and aim for imperfect action instead. Just do it, enjoy the results, keep learning and keep moving forward. You are a beautiful work in progress.

Do you have other tips for self love?

Stay happy!

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