10 Important things about life only a happy person understands

True happiness does not come from what is around you, it comes from what is inside you and happy people are not born happy, they choose happiness.  So how do they do that? Well, for a start, they find joy in even the smallest of things that happen every day and they understand that they can’t control everything around them. Here are ten more things that only happy people truly understand:

1. Their journey is their own

Happy people understand that they don’t need to prove themselves to other people. They do the best that they can, but they never judge their journey against someone else.

2. You can’t always rely on other people

Happy people do, of course, love their family and friends, but they would far rather be helping them than relying on them. Happy people understand that there is more happiness to be found in giving than there is in taking.

3. You can’t avoid uncertainty

They also understand that uncertainty is just a fact of life. Happy people know that they cannot control where life will take them next, but they always make the most of all the twists and turns that it brings.

4. Every person is unique

Every single person on our planet is totally unique and, happy people are comfortable with who they are and they don’t judge others for who they may be. They understand that no one is perfect and people can rarely be changed, so they don’t even try.

5. Being vulnerable is natural

Some people try to show a tough exterior all the time, but inside we all have our vulnerable spots. A truly happy person knows very well how to laugh, but, they are also not afraid to cry and show their feelings.

6. Life is for living

A happy person won’t let life pass them by, and they understand how precious each and every moment is. These are the people that pay attention to what is going on around them and give their will to everything they do.  They know that there are no guarantees, so they make the most of everything they have.

7. The impossible is possible

You will also find that the people who live happy lives are those who don’t limit themselves through a lack of self-belief. They haven’t forgotten how to dream and they live with a ‘never say never’ attitude.

8. You learn through your mistakes

Knowing that mistakes are not things to be regretted forever, but are opportunities to be learned from, is another important step toward happiness. When mistakes or bad luck occur, happy people get up again and move on. But, they are now better prepared for the next time that something goes wrong.

9. You can find happiness only when you look for it

Happy people know that there are good things all around them and they understand that, if they don’t look for it, they will never see it. They see things that some other people don’t; like the flowers in the park or the smile on a stranger’s face and all these little things are a part of what makes a person truly happy.

10. Gratitude is important

When you look at what you actually have, you will be amazed. This is the final thing that happy people understand. They are grateful for even the smallest things in life and they don’t stress themselves out about the things that they don’t have.

Stay happy!

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