10 Important choices happy people make

You’ve probably heard that being happy is a choice that you make. Well, that’s true, but it’s only the first stage. Once you have decided that you want to be happy, you then have to make the choices that will actually get you there. Here are ten of the decisions that happy people have made, the choices that we can all take to make us happy:

1. They believe in the ‘impossible’. They choose to follow their dreams

You can, if you wish, choose to ignore your dreams and believe that they can never come true. A happy person, though, chooses to believe in their dreams and follow them. They are also not afraid to dream that the seemingly impossible can happen.

2. They choose not to see problems, they see new doors or opportunities instead

Happy people eliminate the word ‘problem’ for their vocabulary. Instead, they see challenges or opportunities. They choose to see the positive in every situation and they look forward to open new doors of possibilities.

3. They only speak well of others

Finding fault with other people and being mean is the easy option, but it won’t make a person happy. A happy person chooses to look for the good in other people and, when they can’t find it, they just don’t say anything about them and they don’t gossip about them either.

4. They choose to accept what cannot be changed but they are always able to see the light at the end of the tunnel

A happy person does not get angry and bitter when things don’t go their own way. They know that there might be ups and downs in life and they choose to accept that as a fact, but they always can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5 They wake up early in the mornings

Most of us get the choice, sometimes, either stay in bed an hour longer, or get up early in the morning. Faced with that choice, a happy person will choose to get out of bed. There is actually some science behind this choice, because a regular sleep pattern stabilises your body’s rhythms and it will help put you in a calmer mood.

6. They choose to say ‘thank you’

Happy people choose to make the best of what they have. They are grateful for the small things in life and then they can be over the moon when something fantastic happens to them.

7. They choose their friends carefully

People that want to be happy choose to surround themselves with happy, inspiring and positive people. They know that misery is catching, so they won’t want to be in the company of pessimists and negative people. (Feel free to read the article on 10 Types of people to keep out of your life here).

8. They choose not to fill their lives with clutter

Happy people know that too many belongings and unnecessary clutter will only drag them down and stress them out. They choose to simplify their live as much as possible and they buy only the things that they really need.

9. They choose to give, when they can

Giving can be as beneficial to the giver, as it is to the receiver and that is why happy people tend to be those that have chosen to be generous, when they can. Helping other people can have an amazing effect on your own mood and it serves to remind us, just how fortunate we are to be able to give.

10. They choose to eat well

A double bacon cheeseburger, followed by a bucket of ice cream, might be your idea of heaven, but it will make you feel sluggish and bring down your mood. That’s why happy people will always choose the healthier option on the menu.

11. They choose to do the things that make them happy

Happy people have made the choice to be happy and they will actively seek out the things that they know will help them stay that way. They take up hobbies, they exercise and they get out and socialise. They have chosen to make their own happiness a priority.

Do you want to share some other tips on how to be happier?

Stay beautiful!

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