10 Habits Of People With Good Vibes

People with good vibes are fabulous to be around. But what habits do they have that you can learn from?

It’s all about vibes. Positive energy is infectious. Ask anyone who they would rather hang out with – people with good vibes or people with bad vibes – and they’ll always go for the former (unless they’re totally crazy!).

We just love to be around people with good vibes. They make us feel good about ourselves, they make us feel welcome, and they’re the perfect role models for how to live our lives. They make things happen, and they can even make people want to work for them – and actually enjoy it!

Let’s take a look at 10 habits of happy people with good vibes.

They Don’t Hold Grudges

We know what you’re asking: “So what you’re saying is that they don’t hold onto grudges for too long?”


“So what you’re saying is that they hold onto a grudge for a very short time and then let it go?”


“So … What ARE you saying?”

We’re saying that people with good vibes don’t hold grudges at all! They know that when you don’t forgive someone, resent can fester in your own heart. It lingers, and it stops you from getting on with your own life. As well as punishing the other person, you’re also punishing yourself.

People with good vibes let go of things straight away and move on. It’s not that something hasn’t hurt them. It’s more that they’re not prepared to let the negative energy ruin their lives. They forgive, forget and bounce.

They’re The First To Offer Their Congratulations

If someone has totally aced something – landed a new job, lost weight, bought a new home – those with good vibes tend to lead the celebrations. They crack open the champagne, do a little jig, and give them a great big hug.

And it’s all genuine, too.

They Have Time For Other People

Caught up in the maelstrom of life? Perhaps you can’t make time for other people. That’s too bad. But it could be putting your positive energy at risk.

People with good vibes know all about the importance of helping others. Naturally, they know when to say No. But they also know that doing people a solid is an ace way to keep those good juices flowing.

They Treat People With Kindness All The Time

At Beauty and Tips, we’re big fans of this quote from American writer Jack Kerouac: “Be kind to everyone everyday and you’ll realise that you’re already in Heaven now.”

It’s totally true. When you’re kind to people, you spread positive vibes. You get swept up in them. The person you are kind to smiles, and you smile with them.

People with good vibes know only too well that selfishness just makes us all miserable. It might help us “get to the top” in life. But to the top of what? The loneliest of mountains?

The kinder you are, the stronger your bonds will be with other people. Your relationships will improve, and opportunities will open up.

They Interpret Problems Differently

How do you look at a problem? Do you look at it with a frown, and think “Oh. I really cannot do this”?

People with good vibes come across just as many problems as you and I. The reason problems don’t get them down is that they don’t look at them as problems. Instead, they look at them as challenges.

Every day presents new challenges, and they rise to them like a competitor hungry for success. They know that problems will always exist. But by taking them on with a “what can I get out of this?” approach, they’re motivated to tackle them with enthusiasm.

They’ll Talk To Anyone

And when we say that people with good vibes will talk to anyone, we quite literally mean that they’ll talk to anyone.

They don’t discriminate. They believe that everyone is interesting and has a story to tell.

And they believe that if you think someone is boring, the problem is likely with you – you’re boring!

They MAKE A Good Day Happen

People with bad vibes are very good at making bad days happen. And when they do have good days, the day tends to just happen to them. Things fall into place for once.

However, people with fab vibes don’t want for things to fall into place to have a good day. They go out there and MAKE good things happen.

They Love To Compliment People

We love to be around people with good vibes because they know how to make us feel good. They enter a room and pay us a compliment almost immediately:

“Hey, I LOVE what you’ve done with your hair! Give me the name of your stylist later, I’m gonna need it.”

They don’t wait for others to compliment them first, nor do they even need other people to compliment them. They’re so full of those vibes we all love that they know that the key to feeling good is to make other people feel good about themselves, too.

Think about it: If you make people feel bad, you’re constantly spreading negative energy. Everyone will feel bad – including yourself.

They’re Super Grateful

They don’t keep focusing on how far they’ve still got to go – they remember how far they’ve come.

They Always Focus On What Can Go Right

Ever fretted about an exam, a job interview, or a first date? Maybe you got bogged down with thoughts about what could go (disastrously wrong).

People with good vibes don’t do this. Instead of focusing on what can go wrong, they focus only on what can go right.

Because you know what? Just as much as things can go wrong, they can also go very right.

And usually, the outcome is decided by what you choose to focus on. Train your thoughts on a positive outcome, and you’re far likelier to get exactly that.

Do you know other habits of happy people? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Stay happy!

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