10 Great tips on how to fight boredom this weekend

It could happen to anyone – come Saturday, your first thought is: “I am so happy, the work week is over” but then you find yourself unable to think of any interesting way to spend your weekend. That’s because we easily fall into ruts, including in our spare time, and Saturday night cinema gets boring after a while. Here are ten ideas you might like to try next time you don’t know what to do with your time:

1. Sleep in

Our first tip on how to fight boredom this weekend is simple – sleep in! That’s right, allow yourself to stay in bed as long as you like. Forget you have chores that need doing, just relax for a couple of hours, even if you’ve slept enough. How often does it happen, just lying in bed thinking about something nice, rather than making mental lists of what needs to be done? That’s right, force yourself to think about relaxing stuff if you have to.

2. Clean the oven

We’re serious – clean something that needs cleaning and you’ve been “forgetting” to do it for months. First, getting your hands dirty will have a relaxing effect on your mind, as you won’t be able to think your little daily problems over and over, while you scrub. Second, you’ll feel so good when the oven shines. Third, you’ll be able to forget it for another few months.

3. Reorder your books…

…or the stacks of magazines that have been piling up for years. That’s just another way of getting your hands busy and finding out new, or just forgotten stuff in the process. You’ll probably come across a book that you love but haven’t re-read in a long time. There’s your weekend settled. Reading old magazines is also fun, we promise.

4. Binge eat

Another tip on how to fight boredom this weekend is to indulge in eating your favorite food. And why not? You can allow yourself to forget about the bathroom scales for one day a week, can’t you? Besides, scientists have suggested that a diet alternating between food indulgence and going hungry for a day or two is healthy.

5. Cook

While we’re on the subject of food, why not cook for yourself or the whole family? If you do it every day anyway, ask them to cook for you, so you can do something more interesting, such as reordering your books. If you’re not a regular presence in the kitchen, try something new. Time just flies when you’re having fun.

6. Make a list of things you love doing

Next tip on how to fight boredom this weekend is to make a list of all the things that you adore doing. Just jot it down and ask yourself how long it has been since you’ve done any of these things? If the answer is: “since yesterday/last week”, then you’re a happy person and you don’t need ideas about beating boredom the weekend. If it isn’t, the list will give you some ideas since you know yourself best.

7. How to fight boredom this weekend? Draw your dream house!

You don’t have to be an artist or an architect to do a reasonable drawing. Make it as detailed as possible – how big each room will be, what furniture you want in it, anything you can think of. Well, it might get you down for a bit, but it could also motivate you to work towards being able to build or buy that dream house.

8. Read a children’s book

Remember how much you loved reading “Winnie the Pooh” when you were little? Think about how different it will seem to you now. If you don’t have your favourite children’s book at home, why not go to the nearest bookshop? Here’s one more distraction for a boring weekend. Plus the walk in the fresh air will do you good.

9. Clear your wardrobe

Another good tip on how to fight boredom this weekend is to clear your wardrobe. Be honest – how many of the clothes, that are making your wardrobe impossible to close properly, you have put on just once over the last year? Maybe you get attached to your clothes and refuse to throw them away but let’s be realistic – if you haven’t worn an item for a year or more, what’s the point of keeping it? Do some easy charity, someone will be happy to have what you don’t need.

10. Start a diary or a blog

Perhaps you kept a diary when you were little but then, naturally, you lost interest, because experiencing life took too much time. Well, since you’re bored now, why not start doing it again? Someone said that people only know what they think when they see it written – do you want to check if that’s true? You may be surprised.

What’s your preferred tip on how to fight boredom this weekend?

Stay happy!

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