10 Fabulous ways to start your day off right

Are you one of those lucky people who bounce out of bed, all bright, sparkling and eager for the day to begin? Or are you one of those who would rather roll over and go back to sleep? Well, how you start your day has a real impact on the rest of your day, because in the mornings, we are more likely to be in alpha level of brain activity, which is responsible for setting our mood and our perception of reality. In other words, if you wake up grumpy and down, then you’re likely to stay that way for the rest of the day. So, ditch the early morning blues and read these ten ways to help you start the day off right. It’ll help you get through your entire day in a better and brighter mood…

1. Give yourself a bit more time

You can start by waking up a tiny bit earlier. Many of us leave it until the very last minute to get out of bed, just so we get an extra ten minutes of sleep. Ten minutes of extra snooze time really won’t make you feel any better and it means that your morning will be a rush. So, double it! And get up twenty minutes earlier, than you usually would. That way you’ll have time to wake up slowly and you’ll have plenty of time to get ready in a relaxed and calm away, instead of the usual mad panic.

2. Eat a mood boosting breakfast

With that extra time, you’ll be able to get a proper breakfast for yourself, instead of the caffeine and burnt toast variety. One of the best mood boosting breakfasts is oatmeal, fresh fruit and some freshly squeezed juice. It will wake you up, give your metabolism a boost and provide you with a good source of slow release energy to keep you going until lunch.

3. Dance in the rain…or, to be more precise, in the shower

A really hot shower is more likely to make you feel more sleepy than wake you up, so down the setting on your shower and get cool instead. If you can’t stand the thought of a cold shower, then give yourself just a few bursts of cold, mixed in with the hot and don’t forget to show off some of your cool dance moves. That’ll wake you up.

4. Smile at yourself

A smile is infectious, in a good way, even your own. Look in the mirror and give yourself a huge smile. It will cheer you up and make your whole morning a happy one!

5. Do some stretches

You might not have time for a full workout or a jog around the park, but a few stretching exercises will wake up your muscles. Touch your toes a few times, do some side bends and breathe in deeply. Do more and more, and as you get used to it, you could even move onto some yoga poses too.

6. Keep a morning journal

Many people find writing a morning journal sets them up nicely. Just note down whatever comes into your head and the things that you’d like to achieve in the coming day. Set some positive targets and it will give you a positive mood.

7. Put on some uplifting morning music

Instead of stumbling around in a miserable silence, put some upbeat tunes on to get you in the mood. Music is good for you, it reduces stress and it can make your heart beat faster. It also gives you soundtrack to do all those mundane morning tasks to.

8. Change your routine

Most of us do exactly the same things, in exactly the same order, morning after morning after morning…No wonder we get bored with the same old morning routine. Shake up your mornings and do things differently, starting from what you have for breakfast to the route that you take to work; a change is as good as a rest!

9. Think positive thoughts and be grateful 

Try not to dwell on all the bad and boring things that you have to do during the day. Worrying about them won’t make them go away. Think instead of the things you are looking forward to, things you can be grateful for, all the good things that might happen and also, read online inspirational and happy thoughts for the day. 

10. Make the morning a special time

People forget that the mornings are an ideal time for a bit of private ‘me time’. No one’s about, no one’s going to call, so now’s the time to take some time to yourself, perhaps to read, take a long bath or even watch some TV, if this is what you love to do. Make time in the morning for you and it will set you up for the great day ahead!

What are your tips on how to start a new day off right?  Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy and smile often!

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  1. Ileana
    June 6, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    Great tips ^^
    Should apply number 10 😀


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