10 Amazing tips on how to make happiness a habit

Did you know that, even with all the wealth and freedoms that the average American enjoys, the USA is still considered only the 17th happiest nation in the world? Happiness is not a goal, happiness is a choice, it’s a habit and happy people live their lives slightly differently from others by building into their daily schedule, apart from other things, time to be happy.

So, switch off the TV, put your phone to one side and take some time out of your schedule to read our ten tips that can help you to get the happiness habit:

1. Just do less

Do you really need to be rushing around like a headless chicken each and every day? Check your schedule and see what you can cut out and just give yourself some time to relax a little and chill out.

2. Get one thing done well, rather than leaving many things half done

Focus on one task at a time, rather than skipping from one to the next. All in all, you’ll spend the same total amount of time on your tasks, but you’ll get a burst of satisfaction each and every time you complete one, instead of going to bed stressing that you have completed none.

3. Have fun with your friends

Put your troubles to one side and spend some time with your friends. Don’t sit around comparing notes with another on all the bad things in life, just sit back, relax and have a laugh.

4. Take a walk and get some fresh air

Wherever you live, there is probably a little green space nearby, so get out of the car, get out of the office and take a brisk walk. The exercise will do you good, the peace and quiet will calm your nerves and you’ll get a little bit of thinking time too.

5. Tidy your home

If you’re living in a muddle, it will only get you down. Give the place good tidy and put things back where they belong. You will feel a lot happier in a tidy environment and you won’t keep getting stressed, when you can’t find something.

6. Take a look around you

Take the time to enjoy ‘the now’ and worry about the future only when you get there. The sum of all the little pieces of happiness makes the whole of the happy person, so be sure to notice what’s going on around you. Check out the sun, the flowers and a child’s laughter now, while it’s in front of you and worry about what else you have to do today, later.

7. What is happiness? Happiness is a long term habit, it’s definitely not a quick fix!

There is no quick fix for happiness; it’s a long term process. Sure, buying a new dress will cheer you up for a while, but you’ll probably only feel guilty about the splurge later.

8. Turn up the music

Most people love music, but sometimes we let it go out of our lives. Whatever your preferred style of music is, give it a blast again, it’s a great ‘pick me up’ at any time of the day and it will take your mind off the stressful things for a while.

9. Look after your body

A great way to enjoy that music is to play it when you work out. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are great for boosting your mood. Research has found that fit and healthy people are 20% happier, than everyone else; so, may be it’s time for you to get to the gym?

10. Spread the love

Be generous and be kind, it only takes one small gesture of kindness to really pick you up. You don’t need to overboard and set up your own charity; simply helping an elderly lady to carry her shopping bags would not only make you feel good, but it would make her day too.

We hope you like these happiness tips and now you can implement some of them to your life.

If you have something to add to this list, feel free to share your own inspirational thoughts in the comment section below.

Be happy and enjoy your life!

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