10 Amazing benefits of writing a gratitude journal

As you go through your day, there are many positive and uplifting things happen to you, but you often don’t remember them and sometimes, you don’t even notice them. That’s’ why keeping a gratitude journal can be so uplifting for people, because it makes you stop and notice the things that you can be grateful for. It’s a simple and easy thing to do, it only takes a few minutes of your time, yet it can be so helpful. Here are ten great reasons why you should write your own gratitude journal and the benefits that you will gain from doing it.

1. You can see beyond the bad stuff

The negative things that happen in a day are the ones that will stick in your mind and they can often push the positive things right out of your head. Take the time to sit quietly and write down the good things that happened to you though, and, not only will you remember them, but they will also come to the fore.

2. Writing your own gratitude journal will keep your life in perspective

Reminding yourself of what you have to be grateful for will also help keep things in perspective for you. It will stop you fixating on the few problems of the day and help you balance them out with the good things.

3. It will train your mind to find the good things

Researchers have proven that keeping a gratitude journal will actually train your mind to look for the positive things in your life. In just a few weeks, your unconscious mind will start to seek the positives and you will start to benefit from a generally more positive outlook.

4. Writing a gratitude journal will make you less materialistic

Many of the things that we have that we can be grateful for cost absolutely nothing. Keeping a gratitude journal will help you see this, so you will be less concerned with the material things that other people have and you will become more content with the things that you have.

5. You will sleep more soundly

It has been proven that what is in your mind, just before you go to sleep, will influence what you dream about. So, if you don’t want to wake up in the nights, having had a bad dream, write down all your positive thoughts in your journal, just before bedtime. You’ll get a better night’s sleep and your positive emotions will have been reinforced, while you slept.

6. It will increase your self-esteem

Keeping a gratitude journal will also change your perception of yourself. Once you realise that you do have things to be grateful for and your outlook on life begins to become more positive, you will start to have better thoughts about yourself too. You will see that people do come to your aid and do nice things for you and that will boost your own self-esteem.

7. You will become less self-centred

A gratitude journal will also make you think more about other people and appreciate them. A lot of what we have to be grateful for comes from others. That could be in the form of help and advice from a friend, to a smile from a stranger in the street. It will all help you to realise that with simple, kind gestures, you can make a big difference to someone else’s day too.

8. You will become a more likeable person

Gratitude makes us more trusting and appreciative of other people and that will make you a much more approachable and likeable person. After all, would you do favours for someone who never says ‘thank you’?

9. Gratitude is good for your health too

Gratitude can’t magically cure ailments, but it can help promote good health. Having a positive mental attitude reduces stress and boosts the immune system and it will also make you more able to mentally cope with illness.

10. You will be happier

The end result of all these subtle changes that a gratitude journal brings about is that you will be a happier person. You will gain a more positive outlook, you will worry less about the insignificant things, and your overall mood will change for the better. Just to think, you can get all of that by just writing down a few lines of gratitude each day.

Do you know some other benefits of writing a gratitude journal?

Stay happy!

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