Top 6 spring 2015 makeup trends

Your first thought when you hear “spring makeup” would probably include pastel colours, neutral lip gloss and suchlike but this year this is not entirely true. Spring or no spring, smokey eyes are still hot, as are bright red lips, but at the same time, ‘no makeup’ makeup look is in as well. Confused? It’s understandable, but remember that fashion trends are rarely uniform. Here are some interesting makeup trends we saw on the runways recently.

1. ‘No makeup’ makeup

No makeup is still a makeup trend, and it’s a good one to start with. After the nude look it was only logical to expect fashionistas to take it one step further to no makeup at all. Don’t gasp in horror, this is the freshest trend in the field for a long time. On the one hand, it’s healthy for your skin, because however delicate the makeup products we use, they are still foreign substances to the skin. Leaving it bare helps it breathe and function normally. On the other hand, the no-makeup look could serve to remind us what we actually look like without the enhancements, and why not start liking what we see.

2. Orange is the new red 

Another one of popular spring 2015 makeup trends states that orange is the new red. Orange lipstick is in, the brighter, the better. All right, it’s not just the bright hues that are trendy right now, so you can relax, if you can’t see yourself in electric orange. You can go for “quieter” shades but if you are set on being trendy, make sure you’ve got orange lipstick in your makeup bag. When you think about it, what could be more natural for the spring? It’s the season of bloom and a lot of these flowers are bright yellow and orange, so we could see this trend as another beautiful “back to nature” reference. Plus, orange colour is much warmer than crimson, and that could be part of the reason why orange is replacing red, at least for the spring.

3. Clear and childlike 

Orange is fine but a lot of makeup artists, at least those that set the trends, are recommending a minimally made up, childlike pout for this spring. The focus is on juiciness and volume, rather than on colour. The means to achieve it include soft-coloured glosses and lip stains for a durable effect. That’s clearly a continuation of the nude look, a striving for looking as natural as possible. It’s interesting, actually, how lips trends for the spring are at the two extremes: bright oranges at the one end, and pastel or no colour at all at the other. This gives you a wide space to experiment though, so it’s a good thing.

4. Line away

Observers at fashion shows this year have definitely spotted another one of popular spring 2015 makeup trends in the eyeliner department: from just a stroke to thick and black, it’s invariably there. The bad news: if you’re not used to applying eyeliner you need to start practising now, to stay trendy. Some of the tips here include using a pencil liner heated up for a couple of seconds with a lighter, to make it into a gel and apply more easily and for a thicker line. The good news: if you’re not such a fan, you can just go for the thinnest line or, alternatively, you can use your eyeshadow as liner. If you’re a fan, this is your season – experiment to your heart’s delight with lengths and thicknesses. And by the way, the smokey eye is still in, so enjoy that too.

5. Pastel colours 

Pastel colours are definitely in, when it comes to spring 2015 makeup trends. Appropriately for the spring, many makeup artists opt for light, pastel colours, in some cases, very bright pastel tones. For example, one fashion show saw models made up in turquoise blue around the eyes, and one major fashion and makeup house introduced a pastel eyeliner. Which house? Dior, if it makes any difference. All in all, those of you who have been lamenting the classic prescription that blue eyeshadows are only suited for themed parties will now be happy to know that blue hues are in, and in a big way. Light, dark, bright or pastel, blue is trendy, perhaps as a throwback to the disco age. Fashion goes in circles, you’ve heard that, right? Oh, incidentally, plum and other purples are also hot this season.

6. Slick or undone? 

When it comes to hair, the trends we witnessed at recent fashion shows could be grouped into two: the slick look and the undone look, sometimes combined on the same head. While a lot of designers went for straight hair, either slicked back, left to look like it hasn’t been washed recently, or flowing with a middle parting, others combined some slickness with waviness at the back. An interesting combination, no question about that! The loose half-done ponytail is definitely in, and so are tresses. What’s more, the more disorganised they are, the better. It seems that in hair this spring it’s all about an effortless, free look, which, if you think about it, is great, saving you a lot of time and hassle to style your locks every day.

What are your favorite spring 2015 makeup trends?

Stay beautiful!

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