Top 10 hottest makeup trends for 2015

Over the years, the many advances in makeup have led to a booming industry in cosmetics and it has provided no end of different ways for women to make themselves look even more beautiful. Browsing through a makeup counter, you can find so many different brands and styles of makeup that you are simply spoilt for choice. Just as with clothes, makeup trends come and go, so next time you are browsing the makeup counter, bear in mind these top ten makeup trends for 2015. You might find something new that you want to try.

1. Multi coloured eyes

Fresh off the runways for summer, throw out your boring black eyeliner and put some colour back into your eyes, because multi-coloured eyeshadows and eyeliner are definitely a trend to watch out for in 2015. Check out your nearest makeup store, and you will find a rainbow of colours to choose from. It all just depends on how bold you are feeling!

2. Blonde eyebrows

It’s all-change in the eyebrow department too. Out have gone the usual black and brown eyebrows and in comes the blonde. Really blonde eyebrows might be a statement too far for some, but girls who have the courage to carry it off, it can look stunning.

3. The pinker the better

Rosy pink cheeks seem to be in vogue too, so check out the latest range of blushers and give your cheeks a glow. From raspberry to fuchsia, blush can bring an instant new look to your makeup style, so give it a go in 2015.

4. Cat eyeliner

The thick outer corners of cat style eyeliner work with just about every shape of the eye and it can give a girl a cool, seductive and enigmatic look. You can also use any colour eyeliner to achieve the look, but it might take a bit of practice to perfect if you’ve never tried to create the cat eye before, so give yourself some time in front of the mirror, before you venture out with this new look.

5. Gradient lips

Another great look for 2015 is the gradient or ombre red lipstick. Instead of having a single shade of red all over your lips, try darker shades in the middle of the lips and, then gradually move to lighter shades as you work out toward the edges and the corners of your mouth.

6. Metallic shades for the eyes

Sizzling metallic shades of eye makeup will bring an edge to your makeup this year too. Metallic golds and silvers can really bring out the natural beauty of your eyes and create a focal point for the whole look. Paired with thin eyeliner, metallic shades will give you the perfect party eyes for the coming fun summer nights.

7. Flawless nude

Staying high up on the favourites list for the runways this spring and summer, is the flawless, nude makeup. The no-makeup look can be harder achieve than you might have thought. The trick is to create the perfect base by using a good primer first, followed by a high quality foundation and nude shades of eyeshadow and lipstick.

8. Barbie lips

If you are looking for something light for your lips, then the Barbie inspired bubble gum pink lipstick has been a feature of the runways so far this year too. It gives lips a fresh, spring like look and it’s perfect for this time of year.

9. Bold, black eyeliner

If the multi-coloured eyeliner that we mentioned previously doesn’t sound quite right for you, then how about laying it on a bit thick with the black? Thick bold and, we mean very bold, eyeliner is also trending for 2015. A word of warning, though, if you use bold black eyeliner, then tone down the rest of the makeup to get the best effect.

10. Untamed brows

Brows have been left to grow on their own too, in 2015. The sculptured brow looks are far behind now and the natural look is far more in the trend. Don’t let your brows grow too wild, though, they will still need to be kept neatly trimmed.

What are your favorite makeup trends for 2015?

Stay happy!

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