How to put on eyeliner? 10 Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid making

Applying eyeliner is probably the trickiest part of a makeup routine. You need a steady hand and a lot of patience to get it just right. When you do a good job with eyeliner, it can open up your eyes and make a difference to your whole face. Get it wrong, though, and you could end up looking like a racoon! If you want to make your eyes stand out and learn how to apply eyeliner like a pro, then read these ten common eyeliner mistakes you should be trying to avoid making.

1. Applying it unevenly

The tricky bit to applying eyeliner is to get smooth, continuous lines that don’t look jagged. Don’t rush applying eyeliner, or you will only have to start again, and don’t pull at the comers of your eyes, because that can cause the skin to crinkle. To make it easier to get smooth lines, point your chin up and look in the mirror down, so it looks a bit like your eyes are half closed. Also, another great eyeliner tip is to breathe out before you start lining up your eyes with an eyeliner, it will help avoid smudges and it will be easier for you to draw smooth and continuous lines.

2. Lining the entire eye

You don’t need to line all the way around your eye, especially if you have small eyes. It will look much more natural if you line only the outer rim of the upper lash line and leave the bottom lash line nude. If you do line all the way around the eyes, it will make small eyes look even smaller and too much eyeliner can look very unnatural. If you do line the lower lid, then go easy with the liner.

3. Using a blunt eye pencil

Never try to line your eyes with a blunt eye pencil, it’s just not going to work. Always sharpen your pencil before you use it, so that you have a clean, fine point. Start with the top lash line and draw the thickest part of the line at the outer corner, and don’t forget to gently smudge the lines, so that there are no gaps left between the lashes.

4. Using the wrong type of liner

Not all eyeliners are the same and you should really be experimenting with the different types. Pencil liners are the easiest to apply and great for when you are in a hurry, but gel liners will give you a more dramatic look, and they are best suited for evening wear. If you want to create a winged cat eye, then liquid liner is the best option, but it’s much harder to apply.

5. Only ever using brown or black eyeliner

There are more shades of eyeliner than the traditional black and brown. Used sparingly, coloured eyeliner can really bring out the colour of your eyes and, don’t forget the white and cream eye pencils too. A touch of white eye pencil in the inner corners of your eyes, or on the lower lid, can really open up your eyes and make you look wide awake.

6. Using a liquid liner on the lower lash line

Liquid liner is very bold and it will give a precise, well defined line, which is perfect to wear on an evening out. It can be too much, though, if you apply it to your bottom lashes line, as well as the top and it is likely to smudge on the bottom lash line too. If you do want to line the bottom eyelid, then it would be better to use liquid eyeliner on the top only, and a pencil on the lower lash line.

7. Curling lashes after you have applied eyeliner

What comes first, curling the lashes or applying eyeliner? If you apply eyeliner and then you curl your lashes, the liner that is near to your lashes will come off and leave a gap. Always curl your lashes first and let them settle. Then, when you apply the eyeliner, it will stay looking the way that you want it and you won’t smudge it.

8. Not fixing eyeliner

Another common makeup mistake is to not fix the eyeliner properly, so it smudges too easily. Just a little bit of extra work, and you can keep your eyeliner smudge-free for longer. Apply eye makeup primer, before any makeup and then, after you have finished applying the eyeliner, set the makeup with a dusting of powder of the same shade.

9. Letting pencils dry out

Eyeliner pencils don’t last forever and, if you let them dry out, they will scratch your eyes and pull on your skin as you apply them. An eyeliner pencil should be creamy in texture and if it’s not, buy a new one, or you can save an old one by heating up the tip with a cigarette lighter for a few seconds. Just make sure that it is cool to the touch, before you apply it to your eyes.

10. Using shades of red when you are tired

If you have woken up tired after a long night out, then don’t use eyeliner that has red undertones, like brown or purple. Anything that has a hint of red will just make your eyes look even more tired, so use black eyeliner, and add a little white in the inner corners, to wake up your eyes again.

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Do you know other eyeliner mistakes that we all should avoid making?

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