How to make your skin look flawless? 8 Makeup tips

Getting it right with your makeup can sometimes be a daunting task, simply, because not all of us are professional makeup artists. You might think that the hardest part is doing a cat eye or blending the eyeshadows right, but achieving a flawless looking skin can also be a challenge. There are a lot of makeup tips, from how exactly to apply foundation to the tools you should use to apply it, and here are some of these beauty tips.

1. Use a primer with SPF in it

After moisturising, which we all know we shouldn’t forego at any cost, using an SPF primer is the second most important step for getting that perfect, flawless looking skin. To begin with, the SPF factor in the primer will block those harmful UV rays, and then it will make a perfect, smooth surface for anything you put on your face afterwards: concealer, foundation or powder.

2. Opt for a perfectly matching concealer

Another makeup tip on how to make your skin look flawless is to opt for a perfectly matching concealer. There is a myth that for covering those annoying dark under eye circles, you should use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, but makeup experts have debunked this concept, stating that it will make your under-eye area look unnaturally light, explains one expert, like if you wore goggles while getting tanned. The only place you need to use a lighter shade of concealer is in the center of your nose, if you’re trying to make it appear narrower or smaller: a well-blended line along its centre will do the trick.

3. Invest in a good concealer brush

The advantages of using a concealer brush, rather than your own fingers, when it comes to makeup application, include the fact that the brush has fine bristles that can get better coverage of a blemish. The brush will also help to apply your makeup more evenly, which is very important, especially if we’re talking about the under eye area. If you’re covering blemishes, do quick light motions with the brush, and if you’re concealing dark circles, apply the concealer in three straight lines “radiating” from the middle of your lower eyelid, then spread the product with your fingers, makeup brush or a sponge, very gently.

4. Get the right foundation shade

Another tip on how to make your skin look flawless is to chose the right foundation shade. This is obviously very important, but how do you do it right? Where do you test your foundation shade? Simple: on your neck, and don’t worry about those inquisitive glances you may get. The reason that the neck is the best testing spot for foundation is that the skin tone there is more even, than it is on your face, so you can get a more accurate match. Besides, with a foundation that matches your neck colour, you won’t have to worry about that dreaded “border” between your face and neck, when you’re wearing makeup.

5. Liquid, lightweight foundations work best

According to experts, liquid foundations containing silicone are the best choice. Luminous and matte foundations make the skin look unnatural, even though they do cover imperfections better. While luminous foundations would give an unnaturally moist look to your skin, and matte ones would make it look flat and dull, liquid lightweight varieties would only enhance your skin tone. Any label that says that the foundation is sheer, lightweight or invisible, is the one to go for, if you want to enhance the natural beauty of your skin.

6. The foundation brush is another must

Another tip on how to make your skin look flawless is to invest in a good foundation brush. The correct way of applying foundation is the following: put some foundation on the back of your hand; take a foundation brush with nylon bristles and pick up a little bit of the foundation, then apply it first around your jawline, spread to your cheeks, and then cover your nose and forehead. There are two reasons why the brush is often better than your fingers, when it comes to makeup application. First, it will make sure you don’t apply too much foundation on your face, making it look unnatural, and second, you’ll get a better coverage, just like with the concealer brush.

7. A beautyblender (or similar sponge) could be the best for a great finish

A beautyblender (or similar makeup sponge) is just what you need to put the finishing touches to a flawless face, after you’re done with primer, concealer and foundation. These gentle sponges have tiny pores that suck in just the excess amount of makeup, when lightly dampened, ensuring an even and natural look. They are also very versatile, and you can use them for all of your makeup. While we’re on the subject of makeup sponges, by the way, you can try using a sponge to apply your foundation as well, instead of a brush, for a flawless and seamless looking foundation.

8. Sunkissed cheeks…Powder or cream?

Some makeup artists swear by cream bronzers and others like cream and powder ones just the same. Whatever you decide to use, combine it with a subtle highlighter. The bronzer needs to be two shades darker than your natural skin tone, no more. Apply in in the hollows of your cheeks, while making a fish face, by brushing them lightly. Then relax your face and apply the highlighter powder on the apples of your cheeks going all the way to your temples. As for the bronzer shades that would compliment and freshen your skin tone the best, currently, makeup artists recommend bronzers with slightly pinkish undertones for a fresh burst of colour.

How to make your skin look flawless? What are your best makeup tips?

Stay pretty!

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