How to get flawless skin? 10 Makeup tips

Very few people have absolutely flawless skin and, even those who do, sometimes wake up to find that they have a pimple, a blemish, or dark circles under the eyes, which have mysteriously appeared overnight. That’s why everyone needs to have a few tricks up their sleeves and know how to camouflage those imperfections with makeup. Here are ten easy to follow makeup tips that will help you fake flawless skin when you need to.

1. Apply moisturiser with SPF

Before you apply any make-up at all, use a moisturiser that contains SPF all over your face. Even if you are going to apply more makeup after it, you still need to protect your skin from the sun with SPF. Moisturiser will also make it much easier to apply your makeup, because it will help things like concealer glide on more smoothly.

2. Apply primer

Another important tip on how to get flawless skin is to use makeup primer. After you have moisturised, and left a little bit of time for the moisturiser to settle in, apply a light primer. Use a primer that contains silicone and that will have a filling effect and it won’t get creased in any fine lines and wrinkles. Only use a small amount of primer, though, because too much, and it will make lines and wrinkles more visible.

3. Hide dark circles with concealer

Apply concealer, but only to the areas of skin where you need it, like blemishes, or dark circles under the eyes. Apply it in light stripes over the areas that you need to and then blend it in well with your fingers. We would suggest that you use a creamy primer that matches your skin tone and not as some people say, one that is one tone lighter. If your concealer is a lighter tone than your skin, it can show up as odd looking light patches on your skin.

4. Choose your foundation carefully

To get a natural looking flawless look, it’s best to pick a fairly light, liquid foundation that contains silicon. Avoid matte, or luminous foundations, because they can have the effect of making your face look either too flat to be real, or too moist. You may have to experiment until you find the foundation that is just right too, because, some of the sheer, or very lightweight foundations may not give you enough coverage.

5. Apply foundation sparingly

One of important tips on how to get flawless skin is to avoid using too much foundation. To apply foundation, dab dots, about the size of a small pea, as follows: place one on the tip of your nose, and one on each side, dab one dot on your chin, and two dots on your forehead. Then, blend the foundation with the tips of your fingers, always blending sideways or downwards. Never blend upwards, because that can cause the makeup to get caught up in, and lift up, the fine hairs on your skin.

6. Blend foundation outwards, towards the edge of your face

As you blend the foundation, always work gradually outwards, towards the outside edges of your face. If you work that way, it will make the foundation sheerer as you get towards your hairline and jawline, so it will stop you having any noticeable, unnatural looking lines.

7. Use a damp sponge to smooth out any excess

To make the base look flawless, you may need to remove any excess makeup so that it doesn’t settle into lines in your skin and emphasise them. Take a slightly damp makeup sponge and dab it gently on any areas of your face that you can see that you have too much makeup and especially on your nose and any lines or wrinkles. Use a sponge that has a pointed end and then you will find it easier to get at the edges around your nose.

8. Hide any small imperfections

Next good tip on how to get flawless skin is to use concealer to hide small imperfections, instead of covering your entire face with multiple layers of foundation. If you have any small imperfections that are still visible after you’ve applied your foundation, apply a small amount of concealer with a fine tipped brush only to these areas. To hide any redness, use makeup with a yellow base and smooth it over any discoloured areas of skin. You can then blur the edges by using a damp makeup sponge again.

9. Apply blush

To give your face a natural glow, apply some blush to the apples of your cheeks and then blend it upwards with your fingers, in the direction of your temples. If you find that you have applied too much blush and you don’t want to start all over again, try applying some more foundation over the top of the blush to tone it down a little bit.

10. Apply powder

To help you avoid getting shiny skin, apply some translucent powder to your forehead, cheeks and nose. Dip a large soft brush in the powder, tap it to remove any excess, and then gently dust the areas where you are most prone to shine.

What are your best makeup tips on how to get flawless skin?

Stay beautiful!

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  1. Marsha Harkins
    January 29, 2016 at 5:02 am

    Thank you for sharing these tips,I earlier used to apply only moisturizer having spf,but now I realized the importance of using other products as well, all thanks to you!

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