How to Find the Perfect Blush That is Ideal For Your Complexion?

Just like choosing the right shade of foundation, choosing the right blush for your skin tone can be a tricky task. If you select the right color and tone, you’ll look fresh, dewy, and revived. If you don’t, the results can be clownish, doll-like, or even downright Disney villain. We have a feeling you’re probably aiming more for Disney princess or queen, right? No matter how dark, light, dry, or oily your skin, we have compiled a list of steps to make sure that your blush will look like your own rosy glow.

What’s your shade?

The first step towards finding the ideal blush is figuring out how dark or light your skin is – and that’s pretty easy, right? If you have lighter skin, you’ll want to opt for lighter blushes (duh!). Vice versa for darker. Lighter shades work best with cotton candy pinks, light peach, and soft coral. For medium shades, choose medium pinks, rich peach, and mauves. For dark shades, fuchsia, browns, and tangerines will flatter immensely.

Check out your hair

Although skin shade is an important factor to consider when choosing your blush, the shade of your hair will also complement different shades of blush. Redheads look stunning in pink and peach, but corals can often be too warm. On those with fair skin and darker hair, more exuberant colors of pink will brighten the complexion. A medium peachy-pink blush with sheen will flatter most hair colors and skin shades.

What’s your skin consistency?

Blush comes in many different product types, from cream, to powder, to liquid. For those with drier or more mature skin types, cream blush is excellent to keep things looking fresh and not powdery. Powder is good for a long-lasting finish, and is the most versatile of blush consistencies. It is the best choice for oily or combination skin, but can be used on pretty much anyone. Liquid (blush) stains are excellent for a more natural flush but are less even in application, so extra care should be taken when applying them.

What’s the occasion?

Because blush comes in various consistencies and forms, different blushes are ideal for different occasions. To look fresh, glowing, and natural, you may want to opt for a cream blush – it’s the perfect ‘no makeup’ blush for when you want to keep your face looking clean and youthful. For a blush that is work-friendly and lasts for hours, a light powder is the way to go – you can choose your shade to complement the lighting (none of us like fluorescents!) and use a setting powder or spray for longevity. If you’d like to pack an extra blush for an evening out, choose a blush with some shimmer!

Pick the blush for your skin tone

Now that you’ve figured out what shade your skin and hair are (we hope you mostly already knew), it’s time to take one last quiz: what tone is your skin? There are a few ways to figure this out. You can take a look at your veins – if your veins are green-hued – your tone is warm, and if they’re blue – your tone is cool. Do you look better in silver jewelry? If so, you’re cool-toned – and if you look better in gold, then your tone is warm. Does your skin tan, or freckle and burn? If your skin tans, you most likely have warm undertones, and if it burns – you’re cool as ice. If you find yourself feeling like your answer falls somewhere in the middle, you may be neutral – in which case, lucky you! Your skin tone will look good with just about anything.

Do you have a warm, fair skin tone?

Although there is a whole spectrum of shades and tones, we’ve outlined the four most common for easy identification. The first combination is a fair skin shade, with a warm (yellow) undertone. This looks best with a cooler light pink or peach. Your skin tone doppelganger is probably Reese Witherspoon. If your skin tone is a little closer to medium in shade, you can opt for a more bronze colored blush, but you won’t need much to add to the warmth you already have.

Do you have a cool, fair skin tone?

If your skin is quite fair but falls on the cooler side (with pink undertones) then you’ll want a blush that warms your skin up a little. Not sure if this is you? Think Julianne Moore. A rose gold blush or warm coral is the best way to go. If you fall more on the neutral side of fair, you’re in luck – pretty much any light blush will work for you! Play with pinks, peaches, and corals, and see what works the best with your coloring.

Do you have a warm, dark skin tone?

Depending on the shade of your skin, you can wear anything from an apricot to a copper. Your skin may trend anywhere from an olive to a dark brown, and you can play with tones to find the shade that accentuates your natural glow. What you do want to avoid is plum or mauve shades that may make a warmer toned skin look ashy or dusty. Experiment, take photos, and see what turns out the best.

Do you have a cool, dark skin tone?

If your skin is cool and dark, you’ll want to choose anywhere from a tangerine to a berry color to add some pop into your cheeks. The perfect blush on any skin tone is the blush that looks like a totally natural flush of the cheeks. Blush can be used to highlight and contour, and is incredibly versatile depending on your mood, event, and skin type. The best way to find your favorite (and perfect) blush is the play around, and have some fun in the mirror.

Stay beautiful!

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