How to apply eye shadow like a pro? 8 Makeup application tips

Every girl has her own preferred way to apply makeup and we’re not here to say that there is a right way or a wrong way. Instead, we like to share ideas, so here are eight tips on how you might like to apply eye shadow:

1. Start with a primer

Doing a bit of preparation work can help your makeup go on smoother and stop it from smudging and your eyes are no exception to this rule. Prepare your eyelids with an eyelid primer (or just use some ordinary foundation and a touch of powder on top), and it will stop the oils from your skin making the eye makeup smudge and make it last longer.

2. Choose color carefully

Select eye shadow colors, which will complement the color of eyes and draw attention to them. If you have blue eyes, then shades of blue, light brown and bronze will work well, whereas with green eyes, light brown, greens and lavender colors look good. If you have brown eyes, then thank your lucky stars, because just about any shade works with brown eyes.

3. Start with a middle of the road color as a base

Chose a fairly neutral color from your eye shadow palette and sweep it over your entire eyelid, almost up to the crease. This should be a color in the middle of the range, so, not too dark and not too light.

4. Add a darker color to the crease

The neutral color creates a smooth base and now you can add the additional, darker colors. Blend a darker shade of your chosen color into the crease of your eyelid. Start at about 5 mm from the inside of your eye with a thin line that gradually gets thicker, as you move towards the outside corner of your eye. Be sure to blend the colors well, blending is the key to good eye makeup. Use a different, clean brush to blend your eye shadows seamlessly, it will help you to avoid messy and muddy look, so that your eye makeup will look gorgeous and flwaless.

5. Highlight

Add further color to your eyes by highlighting right above the crease – on your brow bone with the lightest shade from your palette. You can also bring more of a brightness to your eyes by applying a tiny amount of the lightest shade to the inside corners of the eyes.

6. Be careful with shimmer

Shimmery eye shadow can look fantastic, but be careful when you get a bit older, because it can settle in fine lines and creases, and really draw attention to them. Creamy metallic shades tend to work better, as they are less likely to highlight any lines.

7. Don’t trust the mirror, take pictures of yourself

Don’t always trust the mirror when you are experimenting with eye makeup, you don’t really get to see the full effect. Strike a pose and take a few selfies on your phone and then, you will see what other people are going to see.

8. Keep all your makeup brushes clean

Sounds a bit like your mother telling you to go clean your teeth, but, look after your makeup brushes and they will look after you. Give your eye shadow brushes (as well as your all other makeup brushes) a wash in some mild soap regularly and leave them to dry in the air overnight and then, you won’t get the problem of muddy looking face and messy makeup, and you are less likely to get breakouts.

What are your favorite makeup application tips? Please feel free to share your beauty tips and secrets in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful and happy!


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