You are just ten minutes away from the most beautiful, flawless and celebrity-like makeup. In this article, we will discuss how to make those minutes fly.

Step 1 – Foundation

Use makeup sponge for blending foundation or tinted moisturizer on your face. You can also mix your foundation with your moisturizing cream on the back of your hand to create custom made tinted moisturizer. Add a drop of liquid highlighter into your mix if you want to get beautiful sheer glow. Dip a sponge into your foundation and apply it evenly, starting in the center of your face and moving outwards; apply the product lightly on your eyelids and under your eyes as well. Slowly buff down over your neck for a perfect finish.

Step 2 – Under eye concealer

As you have already applied foundation under your eyes, you’ll need less concealer for perfect natural finish. If your dark circles under eyes are still visible, dab a little bit of concealer over this area and blend it well using a synthetic concealer brush. The most important thing that you should remember about concealer is – less is more. When you are applying makeup on your face, you should know in advance the right quantity suitable for your visage. The overload of concealer, can lead to cakey face instead of flawless. We don’t want it, right?!

Step 3 – Powder

Use blush brush to apply face powder on your face. With blush brush, it’s easy to reach small areas where you want to apply the product. In the fashion world, less powder is in trend and it looks more natural too. Leave your upper cheekbones powder free and apply some highlighter to this area.

Step 4 – Highlighter

Highlighters are the key to ten minute flawless face, they are available in powder form, sheer creams, liquids or light reflecting crayons. This product brings extra glow and light to your face, it also blends quickly and easily. According to fashion experts, you should apply highlighter on these 4 areas: on the upper cheekbones, in the inner corners of your eyes, on your cupid’s bow and under your eyebrows. It will help open up your eyes and make you look glowing and fresh.

Step 5 – Blush

Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, it’s the round area that pops out when you smile. Touch the apples of your cheeks with rosy or coral blush for a perfect and natural finish. Remember, you should look like you are slightly blushing and not as if someone have slapped you in the face.

Step 6 – Eyeliner

One of the best classic eyeliner shades is black. Apply the black eyeliner along your upper lash line, try to stay as close to the lash line as possible. If you are in a playful mood, try using colored eyeliners. Pick the color of your choice and apply it softly. You have to apply it carefully. Beautifully applied eyeliner can give an illusion of thicker looking lashes. After applying your eyeliner, you can smudge it with a Q-tip to soften the line.

Step 7 – Mascara

Tilt your head back slightly and look down to expose your lash root. Make sure to hit the roots of your lashes with mascara first and then, glide the brush through the tips. Apply one or two coats of mascara only on your top eyelashes. The bottom lashes usually tend to leave smudges, therefore, keeping them bare will save you potential cleanup time.

Step 8 – Lip color

The quickest way to add color to the lips is to use a lip tint, lip gloss or lip balm. By using either of these products you will add moisture, color and protection in one easy swipe. Of course, you can also use your favorite lipstick. Apply the color onto your lips first and then, run your finger over them to help “push” moisture and color into your lips, to achieve the most natural looking, cute pout. Keep a tinted lip gloss or a lip balm in your purse, so that you’ll be able to apply and re-apply it any time your like.

According to many surveys, men prefer natural looking makeup, therefore, make sure not to overdo it.

With these simple steps you will look flawless and gorgeous as quickly as in ten minutes.

What other makeup tips do you like to include in 10 minutes makeup application? Share your thoughts and comments in the area below.

Stay beautiful!


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