8 Face contouring and highlighting makeup tips from the pros that will help emphasize your best features

Mention contouring and highlighting and most people go into a mild state of panic! But the truth is, it really isn’t as difficult, as some tutorials would have you believe. Unlike the heavy techniques of the past, using today’s simple and light techniques can quickly highlight your best features, even out the symmetry in your face and even make you look younger. If you’ve never tried it before then check out these eight tips and start using contouring makeup to emphasize all your best features:

1. To thin the nose

To thin the appearance of your nose, apply some light colored powder (that is one shade lighter than your skin tone) down the centre of your nose with a small brush to highlight this part of your nose and, then darken the sides of your nose with a powder bronzer that is a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Finish off by brushing away any excess powder with a powder brush and the contrasting shades will add dimension to your nose and make it appear thinner and smaller.

2. To emphasis cheek bones

You can create contours by using different shades of foundation. To emphasize your cheek bones, brush a foundation that is one shade darker than your usual foundation under your cheekbones. Make sure it blends in well, so there are no harsh lines between the two shades and it will subtly highlight your cheekbones. If you don’t like using liquid foundation, then, use powder foundation following the same principle.

3. Balance your nose

If your nose is slightly uneven in shape, you can balance out the symmetry with some highlighting and shadowing. Simply blend a darker foundation more heavily on the side of your nose that is fuller and it will even out the contours.

4. To highlight the brow bones

This simple trick can give you the look of an eye-lift, without going anywhere near a surgeon’s knife! Following the application of eye shadow, apply a champagne or soft white color right under the eyebrow along the arch of the eye. This has the effect of drawing attention upwards and gives the appearance of lift to your eyes.

5. Emphasize the shape of your face

You can emphasize the natural contours of your face and bring more definition to your features by exaggerating the areas that have shadow with more color. Look at the natural contours of your face and blend a darker color where the shadows naturally fall to emphasize these areas. This will, in turn, highlight the areas of the face that have been left lighter.

6. Shorten the nose visually

If you want to shorten the appearance of your nose, apply bronzer across the bridge of your nose, instead of down the sides, and this will give the impression that your cute little nose is shorter.

7. Remove a double chin

To reduce the appearance of double chin or to thin a fuller face, dust a bronzer just under the cheekbone and along the jaw line to create a shadow that will draw attention away from under the chin.

8. Think about light and shade

Contouring your face really isn’t a rocket science. It’s relatively easy and, with a bit of practice, you will be able to make some pretty dramatic changes to the way that your face looks. If you think about how features on your face cast shadows, then contouring is merely a way of reducing or increasing the appearance of those shadows; simply, highlight the features that you want to appear more prominent and shade the features that you don’t.

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