8 Fabulous beauty tips on how to keep your eyeliner from running

Eyeliner is a great part of a girl’s makeup armory; it opens up the eyes and it draws attention to one of the most beautiful features of a person’s face. But shed a single tear, or worse, have a good old cry, and you look like Alice Cooper on a bad day!  It doesn’t need to be a flood of tears though, that’s the annoying thing, eyeliner can run, if you are caught in the rain or it’s a very hot day, so read on and find eight tips to help keep the eyeliner where it belongs:

1. Don’t go for the bargain eyeliners

This is one item in your makeup bag that you should buy the best brand that you can. There are cheaper brands that you can find in drugstores, but they are more likely to run. Buy one high end brand and keep it for the important occasions and then, you can use the cheaper brands for day to day use and save money that way.

2. Set your eyeliner with eye shadow

An effective way to stop your liner from running is to set it with an eye shadow. Use a  thin brush to apply some eye shadow of the same color over the top of your eyeliner and it will set the eyeliner and help to keep it in place, even if it gets a bit damp.

3. Use concealer under the eyeliner

To stop the eyeliner from seeping into the fine lines under your eye, try applying some concealer first. The concealer will smooth the lines and prevent the eyeliner from running into them. And yes, don’t forget to set your concealer with translucent powder.

4. Use eyeliner pencils

Liquid liner is more likely to run, especially when you are applying a heavy, dark line to your eyes. If you are planning a heavy application of eyeliner, try a waterproof pencil instead of a liquid, and you will find that it stays in place for longer.

5. Prepare your skin properly

Always cleanse your skin before applying makeup. Your skin is constantly producing natural oils and you are picking up dirt and grime. If you apply your eyeliner over the top of that, it won’t adhere properly and it is more likely to run or smudge. So, after you’ve cleansed your skin, apply an eye primer to your eyelids, right before the eyeshadow and eyeliner application, and your makeup will last the whole day.

6. Skip applying moisturizer to your eyelids 

Apply moisturizer to the rest of your face if you wish, but keep it away from your eyes. There’s no point in cleaning the skin around your eyes and then applying moisturizer to your eyelids, because it will have the same effect as your natural oils do and the eyeliner will smear and smudge.

7. Try different formulas

Eyeliners come in many forms. You can get gels, liquids, pencils and crayons, and the different types react differently to different skin types. If your eyeliner keeps on running, then switch to a different type. Generally, the oilier your skin, the harder the type of eyeliner you should go for. If nothing helps try a waterproof one; even though waterproof liners usually don’t come off easily, but, at least, it will stay in place during the whole day.

8. Use face powder

When you’ve finished all your eye makeup, give your face a light dusting with face powder and it will help to set the makeup and keep it in place for longer. Apply a light dusting over the entire eye area and blend in well.

How do you keep your eyeliner from running? Feel free to share your beauty and makeup tips and tricks in the comment section below.

Stay pretty!


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